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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

Fly agaric reviews

Гриб мухомор красный
*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [28.10.2021 20:40]
Personal Masha @
I noticed when I still eat MD🍄 in the afternoon, the mood is excellent) and such calmness) you don’t run down the street headlong, but calmly walk and you know that you still have time to go where you are going, because you are already on the way) something like this) before that I could sit quietly for a minute, 33 thoughts are always in my head, which do not allow me to concentrate, and a lot of problems) and then I begin to notice that the garbage has become cardinally less, and anxiety has disappeared)

Baba Masha, [28.10.2021 20:40]

Baba Masha, [29.10.2021 7:05]
Personal Mache
Good health, good mood and wonderful life to all. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Baba Masha for accidentally not random information that miraculously got into my soul, heart, head and hands)
So I really understood that this is mine and I will try it, the fly agaric immediately became friends with me as soon as I found out about it. I told my husband, and it was in the spring, that in the summer I intend to collect my beloved ammonite, and then take it inside🙈. My husband realized that the jokes are inappropriate here and I'm completely serious! In the summer, everything was collected, the kind tincture went underground for 40 days, the hats were carefully dried, 2 months old. And finally, a review of the reception. My first feeling was after a tincture applied to my back after 20 minutes .... It hit my head, my heart began to pound, I lay like a mouse and waited for it to subside. There was no fear, there was observation. This, as I understand it, was the first contact, apparently very massive in number. So ... Then followed microdosing 0.5 in the morning and evening. And that's all, everything that is written about the fly agaric, the true truth. As for alcohol, then be be be in his direction. I didn’t drink often in the summer more often, the heat and beer, but immediately I didn’t drink. Not even a thought. Sleep is stronger, if you used to wake up at night to go to the toilet, then of course it was difficult to fall asleep afterwards. Now I fall asleep quickly. Dreams are brighter, clearer and more real, but did not appear immediately, but after 3 weeks of taking microns. I have been taking it for a month now, I listen to myself internally, I have become freer. Here is such an inner boundless freedom, smooth flight, observation and some kind of indifference to what is happening. The body does the work, and I watch. There is no flow of thoughts. Appetite is not very pronounced, I want berries, fruits. Live some kind of food, juices. Zhora is not observed) food is savored)
Another intuitive observation. It seems to me the main aspect, I can smell it, and the amonite can smell me. By evening, my throat ached, which often happens during cold weather, I smeared my neck with tuning, a film and a warm scarf on top. Inside, honey mixed with turmeric was absorbed, on the tip of a spoon it all resolves. I did this three times and my throat went away. There was a cough, I smeared my chest and back, and voila, I'm flying. There is also arrhythmia since childhood, it has become less frequent, it’s very rare)) and, thinking, since such a miracle helps in the fight against viruses, why not try to remove warts, since it helps with papillomas. On the finger of the hand is small, tincture on a twig, on top of the film and at night. And of course, I almost brought it out, it became smaller. But I believe, I know what will help. And it helps. I also ground the hats, mixed them with the oils that were in the house, castor, almond and vitaon (if anyone doesn’t know, it’s sold in pharmacies, but not blue, red, there are essential oils, a storehouse just based on olive oil, a couple of drops for the night on a wet face) I apply this mixture as a mask, for an hour, and on the skin of the hands. In general, wherever possible) I ordered coconut oil, I also want to try it as a hair mask. In general, people, everything works, works wonders and turns into magic. Baba Masha, I bow! 🙏

Baba Masha, [29.10.2021 7:05]

Baba Masha, [10/29/2021 19:43]
YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing.
Existentia • 19 hours ago (edited)
Microdosing red 7 days. Age 43. Started at 0.35 in the morning and 0.35 in the evening. The morning dose gives excellent health: an even emotional background, inner silence. The obsession, panic attacks and attacks of "false angina", which our doctors attribute to VVD, have disappeared. Sufficiently vigorous and efficient condition. In everyday affairs, the constant internal “I don’t want to” has disappeared: you just do what you need and what you can. And what is not done, then do not worry. I believe this is because the energy does not flow away to emotional garbage and defensive reactions of the nervous and muscular systems.
I am a chronic introvert, but it has become easier to interact with people: they are no longer annoying. Unpleasant ones are simply ignored without any subsequent reflection on them. There was somehow more humor or something in the relationship ...
However, the evening dose completely deprived me of sleep, which was very surprising. And not to say that the brain is overly active. No, on the contrary - you lie without thoughts and without sleep until morning. I thought that fatigue would accumulate and sleep would return. But only irritation accumulated, because I really like to sleep and dreams (I have them bright and plot without mushrooms). I spent three nights like this, I had to refuse the evening dose.
Morning intake before night resolves and no longer affects sleep and dreams. I watch further.

Baba Masha, [10/29/2021 19:56]

Baba Masha, [29.10.2021 19:57]
Youtube channel: Masha some kind of woman
אמניטה מוסכריה בישראל • 1day ag(
Great video. Thank you.
Age 38. Geographically Israel.
2 times a day. 1 gram in the morning and 1 in the evening.
In the evening it becomes easier to sleep.
In the morning calm and purposeful.

Baba Masha, [29.10.2021 19:57]

Baba Masha, [10/30/2021 18:17]
Personal Mache
Hello, Masha) my name is Ksenia, I live in Kyiv. I want to share my observations on fly agaric microdosing.
At first I bought it, but I didn’t really feel any changes, except that I began to sleep better. Then I collected it myself, dried it and began to take it, and then, about two weeks later, I noticed changes. I want to say that I keep a diary.
So the halitosis is gone (I have a lazy bile), digestion has improved.
The second very important "wolfish appetite" disappeared (I have strong jumps in insulin, and when it goes down, there is a tremor of the hands and a wolfish appetite).
Thanks to this, I lost 6 kg gradually and now I have an ideal weight.
Painlessly gave up coffee.
Irritability and aggression have gone, I am now calm and cheerful.
I fed my mom. She is 80 years old. She suffered from insomnia for many decades.
Her sleep has improved as usual, she is active and works with pleasure in the garden.
I will give to my husband and sister, if you are interested, write a letter about the results.
Thank you for what you are doing! I listen to you all the time on YouTube!

Baba Masha, [10/30/2021 18:18]

Baba Masha, [10/30/2021 18:24]
Personal Mache
By the way, congratulate me, I stopped drinking in just two courses of a month and a half, flies. Break between courses two weeks

Baba Masha, [10/30/2021 18:24]

Baba Masha, [31.10.2021 17:48]
Personal Mache
Masha, hello! Can I add here on the results of taking fly agaric microdosing?
I want to say that I don’t want to eat some gomnets anymore, forgive my French))), before a couple of times a month I really wanted beer with chips, although I understood that it was garbage and poison, but now I don’t feel like it and how then I still bought it out of old memory and then in the morning I realized that I wouldn’t eat it much.

Baba Masha, [31.10.2021 17:49]
Amanita vegan chocolate. 100g - 24 tiles of 0.4g fly agaric
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