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Reviews of our clients, as well as excerpts from Baba Masha's chat about the use of fly agaric in mirodozing.

Reviews about the red fly agaric from chat b Masha

All microdosing reviews from real people collected in Masha's chat
44 years old, weight 57-60 kg.

I started microdosing after leaving a month and a half of binge after 2-3 days.
Goals: get rid of tobacco and alcohol addiction and cure the fungus on the leg.
As a result, I don’t drink for a month, somewhere I read that there could be a fatal outcome if combined with fly agarics. But there is a fact that it does not pull to plump as before.
On the contrary, smoking has become more greedy, as happens against the background of opiates.
The fungus does not give up yet, but I did not hope so quickly ...
Bonus: Fly agaric saved me from increased fatigue and chronic fatigue that lasted for many years. It's like I'm back 10-15 years ago. I began to get up early without an alarm clock, this was only in the army, I'm amazed! I do not feel the former contempt for the beginning of the day!
The "battery in the ass" that was lost many years ago was restored, it was activated only occasionally when I was working on my car, now it's easier for me to work.

Food preferences have not changed, but I noticed that I can afford more spicy food without negative consequences for the gastrointestinal tract.
In the first four days, the MKD ate a quarter from a medium-sized hat that a friend gave me, three hours after the reception, a vile parish visited me, very similar to the state of helplessness, fear and panic, which was accompanied by dry wood, this soon passed after half a liter of water drunk (I had similar attacks at the end of a binge, when I went to work with a hangover at the beginning of the day, and even before the binge there were a couple of times when I was very nervous), and then just a state of cheerfulness and at the same time calmness or something.

When the hat ran out, it swelled a little, 200-300 grams, and everything was OK, but the next day I felt like I had drunk a bottle.
A few days later I started MKD ground at 2.5 grams, but since the attacks were repeated, I tried to brew the powder and the attacks stopped. For several days I brewed about 1 gram, in different ways, and decided that the best effect is when you pour hot water of 80-90 degrees with lemon juice for half an hour and drink without filtering.
After brewing, I decided to try dry powder 0.6 grams, and again I got a vile arrival.

Since the brewed one is softer and more measured and not quite suitable for my work, I decided to stay dry, just go down to 0.3 grams, after a few days of taking 0.3 I tried 0.6 and nothing bothers me anymore, everything went away, feeling good all day. Amanita slowly adjusts and heals.
I made conclusions for myself on the MKD, but I’ll experiment a little more in the process ????
All good and health!
Baba Masha respect and respect!
— From personal woman Masha
Microdoses helped me cope with deep depression after a breakup, my body also cleansed itself, any mucus came out of all the holes, after that I easily gave up sugar (although I used to drink 2 liters of cola a day, sat very tightly on it and drank tea at 3.5 spoons of sugar) and so on, according to your advice, I refused flour and meat. I also noticed in my own skin how I become more aggressive if I eat meat and consciousness is lost. I also made sure that I ate what various living creatures inside my body required, after Mhm kicked them out, I no longer needed sugar and so on in such quantities. Another plus is that I stopped playing video games completely, this has been my problem since childhood, hundreds of thousands of hours have gone into this in my life. But now, at the age of 23, after all the problems hit me, I woke up, the shell cracked (as you say in one of the videos) and I also really began to notice the signs of the universe, I feel something that I didn’t notice before, all these synchronicity and I see cause-and-effect relationships in my life, the understanding came that I had to come to this, for me it’s just obvious.

Thanks to mhm and you, I went headlong into self-development, put myself in order and there are clear intentions on what to do next) I read out to Macken, Leary, Wilson, etc. and it all goes right with a bang. I get such a release of endorphins in the brain through the absorption of interesting information, just like you had a period, I seem to be preparing in this way through theory for deeper practices. And the beginning was smoking marijuana, I have been smoking for less than a year, I was such a consumer, I smoked for fun, but I have already learned how to use this tool properly for development. Sorry for such a huge text, I really wanted to share with you. I respect you very much and am grateful for the fact that you appeared on my way, it means a lot to me!
— From personal woman Masha
Dry ground fly agaric 0.65 grams, after several days of taking 0.8 - 0.9 brewed. At the same time, the brewed one acted imperceptibly, and the dry one delivered a vile arrival.
They gave me back my former agility, activity, I can again do work, forgetting about fatigue and food, get up in the morning without despising the beginning of the day.
There were no panics and depressions, there was chronic fatigue and fatigue, perhaps the state of hopelessness and the lack of the ability to realize oneself were oppressing, now this is not there.

These attacks are most likely related to nervous overload on family relationships, and subsequent binge drinking for several weeks.
Fly agaric works wonders, it's just that at first I was frightened by a sharp transition under its influence.
In the future, I will set myself up to get to know the Teacher or someone like Him. Let's see further. I want to learn, I learned so little in this life...
— From personal woman Masha
Good hour friends. I would like to share my recent experience. Md mhm 6 months. 1 gr. Per day. In the process, MD quit smoking whitefish, Marya, turned away from the drunk and many other positive results. Caught a sore throat, cough. For the purpose of treatment in the evening I drank 4 gr. Mhm and thc cbd oil for cough and expectoration and mucus thinning. Went to sleep. In the chest area - I got a fiery nut from which waves of constant frequency began to pass through the body. I was calm. Consciousness is not changed. It went on for about 2 hours. Then he fell asleep because it was night. The next day I felt great. Then I signed up for a gym and started walking. Prior to that, he was engaged in sports for the last time in 20 years, i.e. 20 years ago.

Accidentally In a game with children, I decided to stand upside down on my head. And I managed to stand for about 5 seconds. Homemade stunned! The next day I tried again and I managed to get 10 seconds and I can do more, I stand straight. Previously, there were no such abilities. I began to study the body, the place where there was a fireball in the chest, this is the region of the thymus gland. I think that the herbal medicines taken may have stimulated the thymus gland. Now muscle pain after training, and tomorrow I'm going to the gym. Md mhm continue 1 gr. In the morning.
— From personal woman Masha
It definitely won't work if you don't work on yourself.
Alcohol is repulsive. It calms down, I guess.
At the first receptions, he began to smoke intensively Mary Ivanna.
After the first month I completely forgot about it.
There were week breaks.
I drank because I was on vacation.
It seemed to me that it helped to calmly go through a stressful situation at work. Decided it was a lesson.

I took 1g on an empty stomach in the morning.
If I accepted it, I consider myself responsible for it) so I tried to control myself.
In a nutshell, it's like this.
I bought another 50 g. I will continue.
If I don't start microdosing iboga.
— From personal woman Masha
All Youshki!) The first week on His Majesty Amanita!
For the first two days, the energy was beating like a fountain, I can’t say exactly the dosage, the kitchen scales, as it turned out, from 1g, I’m waiting for the jewelry to arrive, now a teaspoon is ground through a grinder for tobacco). Morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed for an hour! After everything has leveled off, things are becoming more diligent, without being distracted by surrounding things.

Sleep is like after a marivanna, without pictures, but in the morning there are no problems with opening the eyes.
I think I will take a course for how long 50g will last and a break!
Of course, I expected vivid dreams, but they simply do not exist. Although as I became interested in lucid dreams, they disappeared altogether). :pray: aho
— From personal woman Masha

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