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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

True reviews about fly agaric from YouTube comments

Мухоморы грибы
*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [12.01.2022 18:04]
Chat Masha
Yes, if you practice, then I suggest taking tests after a while, the biochemistry of the UAC OAM is interesting, I passed on microdosing, everywhere the norm

Baba Masha, [12.01.2022 18:04]
Baba Masha, [12.01.2022 23:08]
Personal Masha September-November 2021
1. Strengthen immunity
- got sick 4 times last year
2. Align the hormonal background
- increase tone and motivation
- increase the level of libido
- reduce the level of aggression
3. Improve body physics
- pain in the elbows
- discomfort in the pancreas
- tension and pulling sensations in the kidney area
- pain in the shoulder blades
- headache
- tension over the ears (as if wearing glasses)
- sometimes with movements "electric shocks" in the tips of the fingers and less often the legs
- weakness in the whole body, feeling that the body is in critical condition
- sometimes, when rising from a sitting position, an increased heartbeat with a rhythm failure
- pain in the left thigh when lifting the leg in amplitude
- dry eyes
- mucus in the nose permanently
- sore throat, even when generally healthy
- allergy to wool
- jaw tremor during sleep, contraction
- bleeding gums
- two spots on the sides of the navel
- moles on the torso
I am constantly cold, cold hands. Sweaty hands, feet and armpits - it's cold
- nicotine cravings
- pressure and pulsation in the area of ​​inguinal hernias
4. Normalize sleep
- I get up late broken, do not go to bed even if I want to

All attempts to find and collect mushrooms on their own failed. I ordered in September, I rate the result of the course at 8/10

Empirically, I determined my own dosage and the optimal time of admission: 0.35 g of red fly agaric before breakfast and 0.35 g of red fly agaric about 17 hours.

In the first days it was swollen and for a couple of days I didn’t go for a big one. Then everything returned to normal.

On the third day, the sleep pattern, mood, communication, general tone improved, and the level of anxiety decreased to a minimum.

In this dosage I took from September 16 to October 16

RESULTS of the month of the mdm course:

Highlights during the course
- anxiety is completely absent (although anxiety-causing factors were present as usual)
- the zone in which I readily defend my interests has expanded. Calm and efficient
- headaches were absent (almost completely)
- the heart no longer reminded of itself
- if there were problems in the body, they did not cause the previous unnecessary experiences
- the level of healthy indifference has increased
- easier to get in touch with strangers
- the number of collisions with people has decreased and my attitude towards such collisions has changed

Now, on the points that I wrote down before the start of the course:
1. Strengthen immunity
- The general condition has improved. Felt healthy throughout the course
2. Align the hormonal background:
- tone +
- high level motivation
- libido at the same level
- aggression is lower at times
3. Improve body physics:
a) points with a positive result
- pulling sensations in the kidney area - a noticeable reduction in discomfort
- headaches decreased by 80%
- tension under the ears - tangible improvement
- when moving, "electric shocks" in the tips of the fingers and toes are completely absent
- weakness in the body, feeling that the body is in critical condition - completely absent
- increased heartbeat with rhythm failure during a sharp rise - completely absent
- pain in the left thigh, which bothered me a lot - completely absent
- mucus in the nose permanently - significant improvement
- moles on the torso became less noticeable (perhaps this is due to a decrease in sunlight, the autumn sun)
- I am constantly cold, sweaty hands, feet and armpits - a noticeable improvement
- pressure and pulsation in the area of ​​inguinal hernias, which bothered for more than 2 years - are completely absent
- allergy to wool - small positive changes
- sore throat even when generally healthy - significant improvements

b) paragraphs unchanged
- pain in the elbows (here to try the tincture)
- discomfort in the pancreas
- dry eyes
- jaw tremor during sleep, contraction
- two spots on the sides of the navel
- bleeding gums
- nicotine cravings
4. Normalize sleep
- tangible improvement. I go to bed earlier and wake up earlier (before the alarm)

I did not take alcohol during the course and there was no thought. Although before that I periodically bought beer and wine

Baba Masha, [12.01.2022 23:08]
RESULTS 10 days break

The state is different these days. There is a lack of action mhm. There is greater lightness, airiness in consciousness.
There are noticeable changes that occurred during admission and which persisted during the break, but to a lesser extent:

1. Calmness and non-anxiety
2. Ability to assert your boundaries
3. Healthy self-esteem

There are notable kickbacks:

1. Feeling of pressure in the area of ​​inguinal hernias
2. Sometimes I feel a failure of the heart rhythm
3. During these 10 days, I drank painkillers 3 times. Headache due to high doses of nicotine
4. once bought and drank 0.75 beer
5. I started waking up later, but my dreams are deeper
6. pulling sensations in the region of the left kidney

AFTER THE SECOND MONTH MDM the result is the same as after the first. Only more stable after the termination of the course.
- Throughout the course did not use reading glasses and eye drops.
- One of the spots near the navel disappeared
- All positive effects after the first month intensified and prolonged

A month and a half has passed since the last intake of MDM.
Digitizing my notes, I understand that my current state is much better than before the start of the course.

- The level of anxiety has decreased significantly

The effectiveness of the fungus and the course of microdoses is extremely high!
I plan to repeat the course in the near future. This time the mushroom collection of this year.
Hats Red Amanita, 200 g
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