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Reviews collected in chat Baba Masha

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*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:41]
Thomas Chat
Hi all. I will clarify:
I know that the dosage is selected empirically until a change in state is felt and they return to the previous dosage. But. I took both 0.3 g and 5 g - I did not feel any difference. Both there and there there was an excellent sedative effect (I will write about sleep and Amanita separately in a review, it works wonderfully), but no “altered state”, as they say when choosing a dosage, did not happen to me. I took it at night, in the morning I did not conduct such experiments. Based on this, I stopped at 0.5 g in the morning and 0.5 g in the evening - I chose this dosage purely from the rational use of prepared raw materials, because why drink more than 1 g in total, if you can not drink due to the absence of any new effects. But still in some thought, how to choose the dosage for those who have both 5 g and 0.3 cause the same effect. Soft, sedative (talking about the evening reception). I’ll clarify that I take fly agaric in the form of a powder, a mushroom that has rested. Regarding the fact that it may not be working, I will answer right away: the mushroom is working, I have insomnia, I used to fall asleep only on prescription sedatives, however, the effect of taking fly agaric turned out to be no worse => I conclude that there is an effect. And not only in a good dream. But more on that later.
Thanks to everyone who answers.
And yes, the experiment with the selection of the dosage was carried out in 2 microdosing techniques:
1 appointment was in the spring of the 21st;
2 reception - present.

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:41]

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:46]
Thomas Chat
Hello colleagues!
W45, 168 cm, 88 kg

MDM 19 days, 0.5 g in the morning, sometimes 0.5 g in the evening. Your mushroom. This year. Didn't get laid. I keep a diary.

My mother (68 years old) is with me at MDM.

My problems with which I entered MDM:
1) hypertension (diagnosed)
2) gout (diagnosed. No attack. Uric acid level - 528 🤦‍♀️)
3) I drink alcohol (not beer. I prefer strong)
4) I smoke cigarettes
5) I eat (you can’t say otherwise) as if not in myself
6) very swollen legs
7) last month - cycle failure
8) shooting pain in the left shoulder when raising the arm (about a year).
9) great fear of how the liver will behave with MDM. Although I do not complain about her, I did not examine her either. And fear because of the understanding that I have it killed by my lifestyle.

For mom:
It is difficult to write, there are a lot of things that are both chronic and possibly autoimmune. I will just inform you that she has been a disabled person of the 1st group for 26 years. There was complete paralysis. By hook or by crook, we returned her movement. Doctors suspected multiple sclerosis. But how right they were is hard to say. For 23 years, my mother has not turned to official medicine.

💥 The effects of my microdosing:
1) general peace, a calm look at any life situations
2) the fly agaric curbed all the passions that I had: alcohol and cigarettes - from the first day they became not interesting (and I had a passion for them!) At the same time, I can drink and smoke - not that it turned me off completely. Now I just don't understand why. Food has also improved. From somewhere in my head, a stop appeared 🛑 when I was full, and it no longer climbs. I lost a little weight - about 3 kg (water, of course, leaves)
3) I finally saw the bones on the ankles - the swelling went down from my legs. I guess this is the consequences of the second point ☝️
4) the pressure does not recede yet (but I don’t feel it, so I often don’t measure it. I measured it a couple of times - 150/90-100)
5) the cycle resumed on the 10th day of MDM after a delay of 26 days. A fly agaric helped to cope with abdominal pain - in the evening an attack began, instead of an anesthetic tablet, I ate 0.5 🍄 the pain resolved within 20 minutes.
6) the shoulder has passed. Absolutely. I didn’t even understand what happened when I put on a T-shirt, I didn’t feel a backache in my shoulder. A few minutes later she raised her hand up (a year she could not afford this) - there was no pain at all.
7) the liver did not show itself in any way with MDM - there were no pains or discomfort. In vain I worried
8) I get enough sleep for 5 hours. I wake up without an alarm clock around 4:30. All day, as an awl in one place. I manage to redo a bunch of things that I used to like to put off until later. However, I don't feel tired.
9) I don’t have dreams every night, but if I do, then I still remember them all. Oh, what silver whales 🐋 swam in the turquoise sky above my dacha! Fuck you forget this 😉
10) for the last 10 years I lived with a concrete slab on my lower back - such were the sensations - stiffness, cold, constant aches, especially at night. Often I would slide off the bed onto the floor and try to do crunches or other push-ups to unlock my lower back - all to no avail. And massages too. Now the concrete slab is gone! This is happiness! I did not state this problem above, as I was already used to this state and was sure that this was already the norm.
11) I woke up one night with a shooting toothache. I tried rinsing with soda - it did not help. I was planning to go to the dentist. I ate it in the morning 🍄 Everything went like it never happened. How is this possible??

The next post will write about my mother's changes.

I thank Bab Masha and Thomas for their invaluable contribution to our recovery, for systematizing the knowledge and practice of using fly agaric

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:46]

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:47]
Thomas Chat
By mother (68 years old). MDM in the morning 0.3 g + tincture (I will write about it separately).
Period: 19 days.

1) there were severe pains in the joints - the whole body twisted. At night, she was smeared with ortofen / dicoofenac, she drank npvs.
The pain has been greatly reduced. It is still there, but already dull, somewhere far away. Ortofen and pills abandoned. The fingers became flexible.

2) before, in addition to joint pains, they did not let sleep by frequent “running” to the toilet at night - every hour - one and a half.
💥 Now sleeps ALL night! Today I even came up a couple of times to check if she was alive 🤦‍♀️ Since it's half past five in the morning, she has never got up, then 8:30 - she sleeps like a baby!

3) used to feel tired after lunch and lethargic until the end of the day.
💥 now from morning to evening, like an electric broom, she digs in the country, twists blanks, all the time she has some ideas. I don't recognize my parent! 😄

4) my mother, as far as I can remember, has a weak heart. We always informed her with caution about any troubles - immediately attacks, pills, ambulances.
The other day my nephew, my mother's grandson got into an accident. Everyone is alive, but there are problems. Mom heard about it without preparation - I talked to my brother on the speakerphone, not expecting such news. I was afraid that she would faint.
But no. She steadfastly endured the situation, not even clutching her heart even once and not crying.

I am sure that we will have something to supplement our reports on MDM.

Once again, I thank Thomas and Bab Masha for the opportunity to ease the pain of our loved ones, or even get rid of it altogether 🤝

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:47]

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:49]
Thomas Chat
The tincture was sometimes used. After working in the garden, when the joints twisted more strongly, then tincture.
BUT! There is an important correction here, which I have not had time to write about yet.
We put the alcohol tincture on fresh mushrooms 19 days ago, and it has not yet matured. I made an (experimental) express version: a couple of caps of dried mushroom + 70 grams of vodka. The jar was wrapped in foil and placed in a dark place.
After 3 days, they began to use it externally. I have already described my mother's result. I will add that I also used the tincture on my husband. The work is physically heavy, often damaging either the shoulders or the knees. A couple of times he was smeared with tincture at night. Both times I woke up in the morning without pain.
I certainly accept the placebo. But I can't help but report positive reviews.

Baba Masha, [05.10.2021 19:49]
Tincture of fresh Carpathian fly agarics 2021 200 ml Alcohol 9-12%
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