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Review about the red fly agaric from chat b Masha

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha
I have an interesting effect with alcohol. After the first course, I saw a craving for alcohol. Before that, I thought that I was just a fun drunk, and I didn’t have an addiction. Stopped using it altogether. Since the second year, the following changes have taken place. Now I can drink a little wine or beer, but I have no desire to get drunk at all. And the motivation has changed. If before alcohol was needed. Exactly needed. Was part of life. Now it's like... I can't explain... That is, I can drink, probably for the sake of taste, with something tasty. But not much. I wonder what will happen after the third year. I feel like there are more transformations to come. I drank initially for experimental purposes. There was a lot of stress. Fly agaric seemed to resonate with the state. And I didn't feel it at all. A glass of wine at that moment subjectively seemed to erase my consciousness with all the tension. And this is also a strange experience.


YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha
Hello Baba Masha. How can microdoses affect the kidneys? After taking about one month, a kidney stone went. Can this be linked?
---- BM: Yes, Alexander, be careful when taking the mushroom in the presence of stones. You are not the first with this phenomenon.


YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha

I literally ate a couple of crumbs of flies, not even 0.1 Grams, but 10 times less than 0.01 Grams and depression intensified, tell me is this possible or is it more likely from self-hypnosis? If it's from flies, is it reversible? Does exposure to flies wear off over time?
-----------BM: Andrey) it is absolutely contraindicated for you) psychosomatics works in both directions))


Personal Mache
January 3, 2022 23:00
The head ached, the top of the head, with a sharp turn, the pain intensified.
 Treatment: 3 drops of hemp oil mixed with 2 drops of fly agaric tincture.
The resulting mixture was rubbed into the forehead, veins and the back of the head.
The pain subsided and I quickly fell asleep.
Slept great until 7:00 am.
The day went well in a good  mood.
I fell asleep at 11:00 in the evening
At night, fly agaric tincture was not rubbed
There was no need


Personal Masha 
Maria! Thanks for the reply in the comments. I made an experience of microdosing with tincture 🍄🍄🍄 externally. Your collection and preparation. Course 21 days as you advised. I applied a couple of drops in the back of the neck and shoulders. 
The result is better sleep. In the morning energy and pleasant mood. Indifference whistling at the current routine, children and husband do not annoy over trifles. With healthy pleasure I clean up the mess in the house. At work, complete acceptance of fools and whiners. Thanks to. Until I use it. If I go down the old track of suffering, I will repeat my experience. Happy New Year, good luck to you!!


Baba Masha, [Jan 6 2022 00:09:07]:
Personal Mache
Hello, I decided to write my report on microdose. I want to point out right away that I started with a considerable dose of skepticism, so I almost completely exclude the placebo effect. Actually, I started because of the accumulated stress and the presence of chronic fatigue with 0.8 grams twice a day. I noted the first changes on the second day of admission:
1) Sleep - it became more difficult to fall asleep, sleep became more superficial, dreams both dreamed and continued to dream. The process of waking up has become much easier.
2) Fatigue - it decreased, he began to sleep less during the day and more efficient.
3) Alcohol - cravings disappeared, just like magic. I can drink, as well as get drunk, but the attitude a la "the day was difficult - I should relax" has disappeared
4) Awareness - it is difficult to judge objectively here, because it cannot be measured, but I can say that it definitely has not become worse.
5) Mood - after taking it in the morning, there is a slight euphoria, not a dog buzz, like from cones, but just a good mood. Anxiety has subsided, life has become easier.
Do not expect magic from the fungus - it will not cure cancer, but it is quite suitable as a prevention of many annoying conditions.


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