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The effect of microdosing reviews Baba Masha

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [08.11.2021 21:28]
YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha
viktor vola • 11 minutes ago
just started taking it for the 1st time. literally for a couple of days. today I wanted to smile for a long time. and such a calm positive is pleasant. inside, as the center of gravity is established. that I was also afraid before and used pharmacy chemistry

Baba Masha, [08.11.2021 21:28]

Baba Masha, [08.11.2021 21:29]
YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha 1 POVEZLO • 8 hours ago
I have been drinking for a week + only a positive effect

Baba Masha, [08.11.2021 21:29]

Baba Masha, [11/09/2021 19:58]
Personal Mache
Good day. I am 28.
About mushrooms, or rather the effect of microdosing with red ones.

Significantly increased strength.
It takes less time to sleep.
Getting up in the morning became easier.
Throughout the day, the feeling of lightness, the mood is excellent.
There is very little that can take you out of a positive mood.
Speech has become faster, the head thinks faster. No retardation at all.
A huge plus is the digestibility of information and its memorization. Here is also a plus.

The skin on the face and body is cleansed.

By the way, there are small changes in relation to food.
The head still wants nasty things, but the body began to clearly suggest that it is not necessary to eat.

Stretched a bar of chocolate for a week. This is a record 😂
I want to enjoy the taste, and not just devour.

By the end of the day there is a lot of energy.
No fatigue like before. Sleep comes quickly, as if by a click. Takes to the realm of Morpheus immediately.

There are no colored dreams. In this regard, no changes.

We drink with my husband.

He had a broken arm 5 years ago. There is a plate in the shoulder. I started getting sick 2 months ago. Nothing helped.
He began to drink mushrooms and the hand only occasionally reminds of itself.

According to the psycho-emotional state. He became calmer, less angry.
Relaxed and let the emotions in life. Goes to have fun like a child. Started dancing, something I've never done in 30 years.
Self-confidence has increased, but this is rather a consequence of internal studies and screening out the excess.
Thoughts of using marijuana again disappeared. Smoked from the age of 17 periods, but protracted. He clearly understands that smoking weed is a self-deception in the state.

Baba Masha, [09.11.2021 19:59]

Baba Masha, [10.11.2021 17:05]
Personal Mache
B. Masha, hello! It's time to send you our feedback about fly agaric 🤗.
43 years old, weight 86, height 175. I collected it myself in the summer, dried different batches in different ways: first on the balcony in the shade, then in the oven at +45, then I bought a dryer and dried the last batches at +80 in tech. 6 hours. Didn't notice much difference in effects. I started microdosing on 08/15/21 and took first 0.5 g in the morning and evening for 1 week, then 1 g in the morning and evening for 1 week, then 1.5 and caught up to 2 g. On two grams I noticed the effect of worsening mood, irritability, reduced to 0.75-1.0 g per dose. I used different ways of taking it - at first I chewed dry hats before eating. Then she brewed it in boiling water, whipped it with a blender and mixed it with fermented baked milk and honey. I liked the second method more, because. from it the intestines were not swollen. What effects did you expect: I wanted to stop the internal dialogue (did not help), I wanted to change my eating habits in order to lose weight (did not help). But! An unexpected effect appeared in gynecology: I have long-standing problems - infertility (the first child was somehow conceived, helped (do not laugh) by a Kazakh shaman, then for 12 years not a single pregnancy. But the right ovary has already grown the 4th cyst (three have already been removed) I watch her by ultrasound, in August the size reached 79 mm.It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t bother.Since February, the cycle has gone astray, it has become 20 days, before that it was 26-28 all my life.After I started taking fly agaric, the interval between periods turned out to be 6 weeks! I even bought a test, it turned out to be negative. The second break was exactly a month! It impressed me! I went again for an ultrasound, the cyst was in place, but it did not increase. I can send a photo of the ultrasound, if you wish, you can trace the dynamics for three years.
I drank fly agaric for 2 months, now I took a break. Since January I will drink 2 months again.
From the beginning of taking mhm, there was still the effect of drowsiness - I was "chopped" already at 9 pm. Before that, it was the norm to go to bed from 23 to 01. After the cancellation, the sleep schedule returned, again the sleep became short, I wake up at night and can’t fall asleep for 2 hours. I gave fly agaric to my mother (78 years old), she also helped with insomnia, she takes 0.5 g of powder in the morning and evening.
While taking mhm, I fell ill with a cold 2 times, it started from the throat and spread up and down, and it hurt for almost 4 weeks, taking into account the use of the drug. So there is no effect here. Headaches were also not greatly affected. Exercises on the muscles of the neck and massage help more.
Here are the first effects. Many thanks to you personally and Thomas for your work in collecting and systematizing information! God bless you and long life!!!

Baba Masha, [10.11.2021 17:05]

Baba Masha, [10.11.2021 20:31]
Personal Mache
Hello Baba Masha!

Microdose 14 days. Hand-picked and dried fly agarics.

First acquaintance: 1 g on an empty stomach. An hour later, a slight drowsiness set in, my legs became wadded, I decided not to resist. I woke up very cheerful, in a slight euphoria. Quiet joy, clarity of thought, openness to the new covered me. There seemed to be no barrier between thought and action. The quality of communication and productivity has improved markedly. In general, it was as if they wiped the inner windows of me, and I woke up. The effect lasted 6 hours.

Further, microdose according to a different scheme, because. slight euphoria is, of course, wonderful, but not the norm.

First 3 days: 0.5 g in the morning and 0.5 g in the evening. There was a heaviness in the head.

Next 11 days: 0.4 g in the morning and 0.4 g in the evening. The severity has gone.

Changes during this time:

- absolutely painless periods; not even a hint of a pulling sensation
- easy wake up in the morning
- increase in energy
- departure from the usual pattern of behavior in dreams
- weakening dependence on sweets (sugar)
- I rarely drink alcohol, so it doesn’t matter what with fly agaric, what without - in general, I don’t feel like it
- calm behavior in a very stressful situation; control of emotions, feelings are not blocked
- do not fall into a spleen as usual, there is no feeling of depression

I haven't taken fly agaric for a week now. There is a rollback: on the 3rd day, my usual slight depression and irritability returned.

BM: In such conditions, it is desirable to conduct several courses lasting up to 3 weeks.

Baba Masha, [10.11.2021 20:31]

Baba Masha, [11/11/2021 0:14]
YouTube channel - Plant Psychedelics
Darren • 10 days ago
I suffered from depression all my conscious life, now I’m already 24 years old, and the pills don’t help, the somatic manifestations didn’t go away and they don’t go away, they only made hell worse, recently a stomach appeared from neuroleptics, weighing 55 kg, I decided to fucking quit this shit , which costs a lot of dough. Recently I began to chew dried fly agaric, little by little I come to my senses, good thoughts appeared, I'm in shock

Baba Masha, [11/11/2021 0:15]

Baba Masha, [11/11/2021 16:48]
Personal Mache
Masha, hello! There is one more observation I have on fly agarics. I'm 47 years old. At 34, I was diagnosed with fibromyoma in the uterus. All these years I have observed and passed professional examinations with my gynecologist. By the age of 40, another fibroid appeared. They grew up together and they were fine))) until I started taking fly agaric.
Over the past 2 years, that microdose)) the first large tumor decreased from 6 cm to 4 cm, the second decreased slightly, was 4 cm, became 3.6 cm.
Such observations!
Thank you for being)))
PS: For some time before taking the fly agaric, the tumor grew and severe bleeding began during menstruation, and these 2 years with the fly agaric, everything calmed down and did not bleed much, and the size of the tumor decreased

Baba Masha, [11/11/2021 16:48]
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