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Reviews about depression, fluid in the nasopharynx, HIV, sleep and housing and communal services

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

At the moment microdosing red 1 month. at a dosage of 0.35-0.5 once in the morning. Influence on sleep: clear circadian rhythms were discovered, which I did not even suspect. Previously, she could sit at night and sleep until the afternoon.
With microdosing, he sleeps steadily at 21.00. For me, unfortunately, it is physically impossible, I am busy at this time. Forced to postpone for 2-3 hours, but then it is difficult to fall asleep. On the weekends, it is stable, as if by a click, I open my eyes and the clock is always 10.00 in the morning. Even funny, it's so clear.

In terms of influence on the emotional state: the calmness and enlightenment of the first week of taking came to naught, giving way to irritability and exacerbation of misanthropy)) But there is still enough energy (before the start of MDM there was constant laziness and apathy).

At the physical level: gastrointestinal tract without problems; the first 2-3 weeks as if intracranial pressure increased (?) - the head ached while lying and behind the eyes. Now it's gone.
I began to drink more water, thirst, while the skin still became dry, especially on the hands. I don't like it.
At the same time, the swelling went away, along with it she lost 3 kg.
In the first week of taking it, the zhor attacked in the evenings)) Now, the appetite has greatly decreased, the zhor has disappeared, I eat a couple of times a day and very little. Most of the products that I loved very much became unpleasant (I refused sausages, chips, confectionery - all this seems inedible).
I continue to watch.


Baba Masha, [7 Jan. 2022 20:11:18]:
Personal Masha
In addition to the answer in YouTube. For two years I went to the ENT doctors with a problem of the nasopharynx. Everything squelched, some kind of liquid appeared in the nose in the morning, but the doctors don’t even understand anything. And so the fly agaric helped me in a couple of months, and the improvement went right after I ate fresh fly agaric in the forest. Then two months of microdosing, but as you already know, the sand went out of the kidneys. As long as I hold back. But I want to microdose because the nerves are in order, I fall asleep well. And hearing improved. I think maybe  vision would improve over time.


Baba Masha, [7 Jan. 2022 21:53:24]:
Youtube channel: Masha some kind of woman. Noob Wofrake • 1 day ago
The first day of microdosing of red fly 0.5 twice a day. I know that it has a cumulative effect... But I can't smoke nicotine. Nauseous disgusting. While everything. ) observe


Baba Masha, [7 Jan. 2022 22:31:00]:
Chat Masha
I ended up with grass after 10 years, with the help of 🍄, I also flew on wings from the arrival of vitality, as if I was flying in the arms of God.


Baba Masha, [8 Jan. 2022 18:32:07]:
Chat Masha
All in all)
The second month of microdose on reds. Once a day sutra 1 year  
The effect is amazing, long-term depression has receded into the background and continues to recede. Before that, I felt like a man only under shock cocktails of trunks / antidepressants. So here it is, human calm joy)

Q: How long can/should I microdose to treat depressive symptoms without risk to my health?


Baba Masha, [8 Jan. 2022 18:50:14]:
Personal Masha 
I'll add my own review. 
I started microdosing 3 weeks ago with 0.5-0.6 g and soon stopped at around 0.8 g. The goal was to get rid of depressive states and painful emotional emotions, plus the fight against alcohol addiction. 

From the very first day I started to feel good. Excellent mood, cheerfulness, no depressive feelings and no immersion in bad thoughts, I don’t get hung up on anything bad for once. What surprised me was that I really had an aversion to alcohol, and moreover, thoughts came that I didn’t need it, and it’s just stupid to poison myself. It can be said that at the moment the goals have been achieved. )) Start pulling to sleep earlier, and I fall asleep very quickly. Dreaming a lot of dreams. When exercising, I noticed that the muscles had very good endurance, but I think this endurance should not be abused. I want to move more, which is very good for my sedentary work.

Before taking the fly agaric, there were other expectations, but here the mushroom surprised me, it does not work as I thought. Removes all peak sensations and you just watch and analyze what is happening to you. On the eighth day, a kind of insight descended, and I was able to see how much I was immersed in the negative part of reality. Yes, it exists, but it's better to focus on something good, and it turns out that there are plenty of good things around.  

Of the shortcomings, 3 times there were headaches in the first week of admission, not   strong and not very long. Once there was nausea and insomnia when I took it at night after eating. Now I take it once in the morning on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meals with warm water, and all the side effects have disappeared. In general, the fly agaric pleased me indescribably. )) All the best!


Personal Mache

Hello, my review of microdosing.
I am 50 and have been HIV+ since 2000. I am taking ART. I got sick with covid in February. After the illness, weakness, depression. I started taking 0.1 three times a day, then raised the dose to 0.7 a day. Depression has passed, strength and mood have appeared. The cells grew by 300 units.
I also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, when taking 🍄 my anxiety decreased, I managed to get to the minimum dose of the antidepressant from the maximum dose. The course 🍄 was 5 months, then I took a break. There was no withdrawal, but the anxiety returned again and I had to return to the original dose of antidepressant.


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