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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

Reviews about microdosing

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:31]
Thomas Chat
Hello, I'm new.
I am 42 years old, height 168, weight 71.
I don't smoke or drink. I go in for sports 3-4 times a week.
She had been ill with barreliosis (Lyme disease), the treatment was long and aggressive, as a result of the failure of many systems:
1) Hormonal failure cycle violation, gained 20 kg.
2) Fibromyalgia round-the-clock pain in the muscles, joints, even the skin hurts. I am constantly fighting pain.
3) Nervous system depression insomnia neurosis.
I learned about the properties of fly agaric last year on channel b. Masha. I collected and dried it myself, after 2 months I started taking 3 grams per night. Sleep, cheerful mood, after a couple of days I felt nausea, headache. I was afraid that I had to wait. It was stored incorrectly, as a result, the properties of the fungus evaporated.
I started to study deeper, reviewed a lot of videos b. Masha, re-read the book and Thomas' recommendations.
She did everything right this season. I harvested a chic crop, dried it and started taking it right away. 1 gram in the morning and evening, insisted on warm water. Symptoms of depression intensified, apathy and panic attacks. On the advice of b. Masha, began to take 0.5 in the morning and evening. For a week of such reception, the symptoms did not go away, but they became not so bright. By the end of the week, sleep worsened, headaches, weakness and nausea.
Appointment cancelled.
I vacuumed the mushrooms and will try again in 2 months.
The tincture will be ready on October 30, I'll try it - I'll unsubscribe.
If you have any thoughts, corrections, I will be glad)))
Sorry for the verbosity.
All health.

The mushroom lay for two months in a bag in the kitchen on the bottom shelf. I took 3 grams dry with water at night. Feelings: fast falling asleep, deep sleep, cheerfulness in the morning and positive thinking during the day. Increased endurance in training. But after a few days, nausea and headache appeared. Now I understand that the dosage was too high, then I thought that the mushroom had not rested enough. And I decided to wait another month. I kept it under the same conditions and after a month there was no effect. I changed the dosage from 0.5 to 4 grams. Tried different times and methods. There was no result.

The purpose of the reception is to get rid of depression and neurosis. And, of course, fibromyalgia. I was tortured by constant apathy, unrelenting laziness, endless internal dialogue, my own thoughts, constant fears and internal tension wake me up. Tearfulness. In the morning, I can barely scrape myself out of bed and force myself to persuade myself to do something. Life is not happy at all. I turned to specialists - they prescribed antidepressants and emotion stabilizers. There was a severe withdrawal syndrome.
Although, before the illness, I was a very active and positive person. I really hope for the mushroom that it will help me return to my normal state))

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:31]

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:35]
Thomas Chat
Hi all! From spring, some notes, videos about MDM began to come across from time to time, but I didn’t attach much importance ... and the more I scrolled through, the more often something about fly agaric popped up ...
I seem to be in a good position, but overly emotional and ambitious, besides, almost every day coke to maintain tone, and in the evening to fall asleep 150-250 grams of vodka ... and in most cases a mixture of powder, alcohol and emotional warehouse played against me both on the social ladder and in my personal life, one step forward, two steps back. With his poisonous tongue, he lost profitable projects and almost all his friends ..
I understood the problem - my essence is incompatible with poison, but I could not refuse this shit .. and I decided to try fly agaric. I never used any pills and mushrooms, just some kind of fear, so it was hard to decide .. but life burns out and I'm with it.
I bought dried fly agaric hats, ground them and before going to bed 0.35 .. I barely got up in the morning, my head was foggy, I was in a terrible state, diarrhea .. On an empty stomach 0.5 and the day was also in discomfort. The next night, 0.3, and in the morning I couldn’t get up at all, my strength left me. Diarrhea. Again 0.5 and again a day with a sick, plague head. On the third night I ate 0.2 and the morning came awake. Day 0.7 and fully involved in the work. The appetite is brutal. The head is working. Five days I do not drink alcohol and other things. And only now I began to understand that MDM really works. Really helps. I hope that it will help to set up peace of mind and calm the emotional character.
Sorry for the above nonsense, but I wanted to tell, and most importantly recommend to such a stray like me (if he reads).
It works 👍 Good luck everyone!

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:35]

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:36]
Regarding the reception 🍄🍄🍄 nursing!!!!!

Thomas Chat
One participant of this chat at one time smeared her back and chest with ointment from a cold, then breast-fed her child. And the little man turned into a berserker at night, raged all night. Although by nature he is quite calm.

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:36]

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:39]
From Thomas
If they smeared the place of impact with tincture or made a compress for the night, they would have liked it much faster, not in weeks, but in just a few days.
Each fly agaric potion, powder, tincture, ointment, oil... is designed for specific purposes and tasks. For example, an alcohol tincture of fresh mushrooms is the best way to cope with pain, swelling, inflammation. Ointment on Amanita perfectly restores damaged tissues, burns, bedsores, lacerations ... And so on. And if you want a quick result, then you should choose the drug specifically for your ailment.
And yet, the Fly agaric does not need to be brewed, so it loses its strength and acts much more slowly and worse. Than when it is insisted in warm water. We pour the required amount of fly agaric into a thermos, fill it with warm water of 50-60 degrees and insist the night. In the morning the potion is ready.

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:40]

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:46]
Thomas Chat
Hello) It's nice that you noticed) you're right, I rubbed it externally, Both the back and the liver area, but apparently the ribs were injured, possibly broken, because when I sneezed after 2 weeks for the first time, something crunched in my back and it immediately became easier to breathe, therefore, I assume that the ribs simply fell into place ... since I live on my own and there is no one to help, but I couldn’t get the place of injury with my hands .... therefore, I described the experience and at the same time internal reception. But then one more fact surfaced quite unexpectedly. During all these 2 months, a relatively strong smell of sweat from the feet appeared, which was not there before. So I rubbed the bruise until complete recovery for another 2 weeks after the course inside. And now the fact itself. AFTER THIS COURSE THE SMELL OF SWEET IS COMPLETELY GONE. This suggests that the fly agaric cleanses, as I suggested earlier, the lymphatic system. And the prevention of microdosing, and this is for me 20 drops of tincture per 150 g of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning every year for a month in the fall, ... Yuri. 67 years old. height 180, weight 80-83. Retired. There are no senile and chronic diseases. I use fly agaric exclusively for injuries. There is also experience of external use, for colds, but more on that later, not all at once. To be honest, I'm depressed ... reading how sick people are (((You are doing the right thing.

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:46]

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:52]
Comparative Tests
Personal Mache

Hello 👋
Dried fly agarics at a temperature of 40-45C for 12-20 hours, depending on the size
I tested dry mushrooms for 4 days:
0.3 g - the effect is not noticeable
0.5 g - weakness, nausea
0.7 g - weakness, severe nausea
1 g - fell asleep at all) very sick.
I think to leave them for a couple of months in a dark, dry place in a cardboard box and some in the freezer. Then try.
Friends dried at higher degrees, I'll try tomorrow.

Today I brewed 2.5 g in a thermos with boiling water, I drink it slowly. Drank half.
The expansion of consciousness is palpable, processes are physically palpable in the head, when you close your eyes 👁 you can see light, not bright patterns. Nausea is absent.

Baba Masha, [09.10.2021 20:52]

Baba Masha, [10/10/2021 18:41]
Personal Mache
4 days we take with my wife mhm morning + evening a small teaspoon without a slide.
Today I will buy accurate scales.
Pleasant tone during the day without satellites. I want to go to bed at 22:00. Cool, juicy dreams. Reactions became smoother, more transparent. The emptiness and insignificance of "domestic pseudo-problems" are more acutely felt. I usually have a similar state after 3-5 days of meditative retreat. Quiet, transparent, clear mind. I spend all my days in nature. The wife had a desire to engage in previously postponed cases.

Baba Masha, [10/10/2021 18:41]
Fly agaric Red UNOPEN caps 50 gr
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