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True feedback from Masha's chat

Мухомор красный
*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:42]
Thomas Chat
—- Good evening, my tincture is 25 days old today)), please advise, can I strain one jar and rub myself but the night for sleep, or should I be patient, wait until it fully ripens? Doesn't sleep at all.

- I have rheumatology, I smear my back. I poured a little from the unripe (25-30 days) tincture, so that it was enough to smear until ripe. And she even immature already relieved the pain.

--I have to ask you. Check the operation of the ripened tincture and compare it with the effect of the unripe one. And share the results of the experiment here in the chat.

Comparatively assessing the effect is difficult due to the many side factors. Before that, I smeared with juice and have already started a course of microdosing, which, as you know, accumulates the effect. As well as tincture, in my case, because I smear twice a day without interruption, because chronic inflammation in the spine is not the first year.
I myself wonder why it is necessary to insist on 40 days and whether this period can be reduced, but in order to give a more objective assessment, it is necessary to set up a cleaner experiment.

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:44]

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:47]
Thomas Chat
Good day everyone!
I will share my experience.
Mushrooms. Collected and dried.
W39, 55kg, 168cm.
I don’t drink alcohol, I smoke aikos, I don’t eat meat and I hardly eat dairy.
What I wanted from the experience: quit smoking, get rid of a small but lingering depression, get rid of cravings for sweets.
I take about a month only in the morning, because it seems to me that it affects sleep.
The craving for sweets went away after about 2 weeks. I didn’t quit smoking, but I turn back from tobacco smoke. Probably if I smoked regular cigarettes, I would quit.
From the first receptions, healthy indifference appeared and depression was gone.
Dreams. They are just daily and I remember them all. Previously, I had practically no dreams at all.
Of the minuses: the concentration of attention has decreased, there is no desire to work despite the fact that my work is interesting, not dusty and I work when I want. I also noticed that I became sharper and more aggressive, but this is only in the presence of external irritants that you can’t get rid of, maybe these are children and a husband😄 just mom began to show that the mother you rode on horseback is no more😜
I also noticed something interesting. We were on vacation and there I went in for sports, and usually the beginning is accompanied by severe pain in the muscles. This time, not a single muscle ached! This really surprised me. About a week later, I realized that this was the action of MDM.
Mom 61g and grandmother 81 also take microdoses with me. Both are delighted
The day before yesterday I started dripping sananga. And it is also a very interesting experience)

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:47]

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:52]
Thomas Chat
MD experience.
Suit indicators.
The model is male.
Condition - used 40 years
Careless use / cigarettes / coffee / physical inactivity.
Malfunctions - psoriasis / articular / was diagnosed.
Associated breakdowns - urolithiasis.
The purpose of the reception is to eliminate breakdowns.
Simultaneous use of surfactants during MD - cigarettes, coffee, Maria (once).
‌Courses before this - 3 weeks (capsules) - mentally positive results / space suit - not perceptible
3 weeks - 1 gram dry in the morning, 1 gram in the evening.
There are no results, not physical, not mental.
4 week :
rise in dosage to 1.84.
Experiment for the sake of / in order to understand how much they have an effect on me.
From this moment until the end of the course (2-5 months there was such a dosage + - 10%.
I would like to note the unusual effect I received during the reception.
Morning, as soon as the sun rises, the eyes open themselves, despite the fact that up to this point, getting up was a whole test. But not just woke up and that's it, but with a surprise from red. If you decide - lie down a little more and close your eyes, the show begins, no, not kaleidoscopes, etc. , and a feeling that cannot be conveyed in text, but whoever experienced this will understand - it seems to begin to pull this feeling out of the body when you are being dragged somewhere although you are lying. Maybe it causes tenderness for someone or it’s for fun, but this joke made me feel very bad and the feeling of panic made me get out of bed, and then the morning dosage and go.
I know that 1.84 is a lot. But before you tell me this .... Perhaps you have the willpower as a monk and you sleep on nails without any problems - well done, but I'm not, I'm not like that and when you are mentally exhausted by your illness, and then Once and Full of strength , energy , music and dance of life .... and take it and say NO to yourself. I could not.
Fly agarics gradually ended and after drinking the last crumbs with tea, I was waiting for a hard morning and a struggle with myself.
Morning. The eyes opened with the sunrise, and the feeling of leaving the body again came. Hurray still works - I thought. And indeed, the action did not stop, I continued to get up very early and Full of strength, and lived and rejoiced in the absence of pain.
The effect continued for another two or three months and gradually faded away. Well, or not completely gone.
And .. well, the stones decided to leave my suit, which I am also not happy about - although it was not without surgery.
It has been 7 months since the last dose and I feel relatively well.
Winter is coming - the result will be visible.
I'll repeat the course if I find Mukha.
Thank you if anyone read for attention.
Baba Masha, Thomas and everyone who is involved bow low.

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:52]

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:56]
Thomas Chat
Good time everyone!
Sharing my experience
M, 31 years old, 195 weight, 75 kg
After breaking off relations with a girl, he fell into an apathetic-depressive state. I decided to try microdosing, I have long heard about the amazing properties of fly agaric. I take 0.5 in the morning and in the evening, brew in warm water. Amanitas are purchased, they do not grow in our places, unfortunately. At the first appointment, I felt light, my mood became even, calm, it was easy to talk, it was easy to do business, and in general it was as if you were smiling inside. I took it for two months, as a result, apathy disappeared, I became calm, soul-searching disappeared, and in general life became easier, it comes to understanding that everything around is vanity, on which we spend so much effort and energy, when it’s not worth it, definitely. After the break there was two weeks, now I am going through the course again, because after the first dose I began to slide back into the previous state. The current course lasts 2 months, I think to take another month, then I will unsubscribe based on the result. With regards to alcohol: a complete refusal, it became disgusting to drink it. It’s not so rosy with tobacco and marijuana, but there is a feeling that soon they won’t be in my life either, as if the mushroom inspires me with this, and I fully agree with it)
I wish everyone health and getting rid of problems, the fly agaric will definitely help in this, he is a wise doctor and teacher.

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 18:56]

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 20:09]
Personal Mache
M. 31 Weight 75 Height 175
Fly agaric. 30 days old (fresh makes you feel slightly nauseous, but tolerable; slight dizziness)

The purpose of microdosing: to get harmony of body and mind, to give up alcohol, to make Marya's consumption controlled and preferably on weekends only.

Today is the month of microdosing.

I usually take 1g of dry powder in the evening. From the first days, sleep became stronger (now for some reason I "wobble in a dream"). On the 5-7th day, I felt the action of the fly agaric. I became absolutely indifferent to controversial comments on the Internet, I pass by any conflicts on the network, because I began to understand that I was no longer interested in proving my "rightness" while sitting at the monitor. Mood leveled off, mood swings disappeared. Sadness, apathy, and melancholy gradually faded away. I began to feel my body, to control food intake.
I liked the very interesting effect of the observer. In many situations, as if I see myself and my actions from the outside.
Alcohol became uninteresting. I confess that I combined fly agaric and alcohol for three days in a row ... I concluded that I was drinking without the former pleasure, but as if forcibly pouring it into myself. And what else I noticed, as if in these three days there was a feeling that the fly agaric was not working - the action slowed down, the mushroom took a break. At the same time, I realized that I was simply translating a valuable product. After the end of the booze, he began to feel the action of the fly agaric again.

With Marya, I can’t draw a conclusion yet, because. I am on watch and there is no access to it. I don’t want to completely give up weed, but I want to make something out of daily smokes like smoking as a reward on the weekend for a fruitful week.

Tried to increase the one-time dosage to 2g. I did not notice any obvious improvements or deterioration. I concluded that 1g is enough for me.

At the moment, the most valuable thing that has been achieved for me from microdosing is the absence of irritability, irascibility. I became myself, the way I want to be without a mask. I rejoice in the morning, the sun, any weather. I stopped arguing with myself inside my head.

Now 10 days off. And I want to do a course of 30 days.

All the best

Baba Masha, [10.10.2021 20:09]
Fly agaric Red UNOPEN caps 100 gr
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