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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

Fly agaric reviews chat b Masha

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [Jan 5 2022 00:16:49]:
... A year of microdosing. Changed radically as a person. There are no words to express my gratitude to you. All good and health! With the world by thread, naked shirt ... Your information is priceless! Thank you ! Low bow to you!


Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha. Vladimir • 3 weeks ago
And flies and marya lead me to the understanding that it’s enough to drive yourself in an attempt to achieve something like that. It's probably left over from playing sports. I'm 53, stop competing.


Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha.
I’ve been listening for a long time now, I’m microdosing, I’m taking dry fly agaric. Thank you very much for being you. I have trophic ulcers   and the sciatic nerve is beaten off, my leg is numb, I don’t feel my foot completely, its fingers don’t move and the second finger is pulled up on this leg. Vopschem a whole bouquet, a dream of depression, dependence on spices, I got rid of many, I hope that it will continue to be positive. Thanks to.


Baba Masha, [Jan 5 2022 20:51:29 (Jan 5, 2022 20:53:04)]:
Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha.

I microdose and feel the effect. And, in my subjective opinion, a trip is a tin for high-flyers. Fly agaric is a medicinal mushroom. And everything that leads to a change in consciousness, up to droppers and resuscitations, is a brute force. Everyone tells a set of standard, beautiful, semi-understandable phrases: "I was reborn! (And he is 20 years old in the course. He has not yet been born, has not lived, but has already been reborn) I learned the essence of being! ...." And a lot of such nonsense ! And what happened? How has real life changed? - no one can say anything intelligible.
Yes, it dragged it like it never killed. But that's not gut, is it? And he could have knocked someone down and fallen out of the window.
So why such experiments? Want to get high? Then it's not about fly agaric. I think so. And I'm 53, but I feel like 30. I messed up at one time. In the gym on iron, many young ladies have a head start. And I can plump, sometimes, and smoke. But with the mushroom, the desire to relax even with beer disappeared.


Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha.
That's right, I used it for a long time, my knees hurt, in the morning I smeared kooenni with fly agaric tincture and forgot about the pain all day long!


Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha.
Hello Grandma Masha! I microdosed myself, everything works fine, mood, addictions, everything returns to normal. I have a question: my son is 17 years old, soon to be 18, he has high blood pressure almost constantly. Is it possible at this age to try microdoses of fly agaric?


Baba Masha, [Jan 5 2022 21:51:11]:
Youtube channel: some kind of woman Masha.
Do not buy from the hands it is dangerous. Prepare yourself. And I’ll add, it really increases muscle endurance.


Hats Red Amanita, 200 g
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