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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

Reviews from chat b Masha about fly agaric

*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

I met a fly agaric a little over a month ago.
The first effects of the reception were amazing for me personally. Pure, clear consciousness, absolute joy and peace. Acceptance of the surrounding reality, the absence of fears and worries from the word at all, the sobriety of the mind is pure. The visual picture pleased no less, the brightness of the colors, every little thing is pleasant, whether it be falling snowflakes or beautifully flashing decorations of the New Year's streets in the city. It reminded me of the state after taking psilo, when the entire main effect fades away and the state remains after. Only here it is less pronounced, everything is quite natural.
After literally a week of taking it, I didn’t experience anything like that anymore, everything became everyday. Cheerfulness in the morning after taking it, it is easier to cope with negative thoughts, as if you are giving them up. The psyche has more or less stabilized, if you think about something that worries you for some reason, then you don’t take it to heart. Gone are the breakdowns of aggression.
I can’t say anything about dreams, because I use Mj. (You can forget about dreams with it, this is a scientific fact :) I’ll say right away that I smoked throughout the course, in principle it doesn’t interfere with my life, I have a positive attitude towards it. It was just that at times there was a feeling that they were overlapping each other, which caused some kind of discomfort. I can’t say anything because I didn’t understand this feeling myself. I can say one thing that I personally did not notice that Mari interferes with the course or weakens the effect. You just start to somehow control the use and do it more consciously. For I didn’t have a goal to leave her on the course, I still like her just the same.
I drink alcohol very rarely, I didn’t get any pleasure from that small amount drunk on holidays, I just felt that it was superfluous.
From what else I noticed on myself: focusing of vision, intensification of smells and tastes.
As the duration of the course goes on, any changes become less and less noticeable, I refer to the fact that I'm just used to it. I understand that this is not a panacea for everything in the world and it will not work on its own or as a “magic pill” that solves all your problems. The main thing I was convinced that this is not a placebo, but rather a well-functioning tool with great potential. Dosages 0.6-0.7 morning, evening.

Baba Masha, [01/09/2022 14:37]

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 20:02]
Bought from "good people"

Hello Grandma Masha.
I wanted to add a couple of points and find out if you have come across a similar one.
I wrote about the gag reflex on the first day of admission. On that day, vomiting did not stop for half a day. She didn't eat anything and she vomited bile.

In parallel with this, the following reaction appeared, about which I want to clarify with you whether you have encountered a similar one.

Swelling, itching and redness of the skin around the mouth appeared and a rash began (usual single subcutaneous pimples) around the mouth and in the lower part of the cheeks.
The next day, the start of microdoses (morning and evening) of 0.5g. And every day itching, swelling and redness around the mouth.

What do you think, stop taking? Or maybe the mushroom wants to show something with this? What would you advise in this situation? I respect the gifts of Mother Nature, but now I doubt whether it is mine ((

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 20:02]

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 23:29]
Personal Mache
Hello b. Masha.
Microdoses - almost 2 months. 2 times a day: morning-1g, afternoon-1g.
About kidneys. The stone came out 4.5 mm. Did CT. Stuck in the ureter, then came out on its own.

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 23:29]

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 23:32]
Personal Mache
Good evening! Thank you for the information on fly agaric microdoses! I have been taking 0.5 since November. I feel calm in relation to other people! I am delighted with this!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Reasons for admission:
Neuralgia after divorce, and constant digging into the past. Insomnia and irritation also.
Sleep improved and became calmer in general. Neuralgia decreased in sensations. I still feel tightness in my leg.

Baba Masha, [10.01.2022 23:32]

Baba Masha, [01/11/2022 0:31]
YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha Saygakov Dmitry • 2 hours ago
I collected 20 kg in the fall, dried it and put it in capsules, distributed it to my friends. It works especially well on bedridden patients and the elderly. The will to live appears. Reduced joint pain has also been noted.
BM how do you feel about the course of taking 5/2, how is it advised to take psil ... Or is it still better a month / month ----- BM: Dima) there are no clear rules yet) everything I say is based on a survey of recipients , the best is the selection individually

Baba Masha, [01/11/2022 0:31]

Baba Masha, [11.01.2022 0:34]
YouTube channel AMANITA MicroDosing baba Masha Evg Erova • 1 day ago
Baba Masha, thanks for the content you do, it's very nice to watch.
However, I do not agree that fly agaric should only be used if there is evidence. 😊 I don’t get sick with anything and I’m quite healthy, while I use fly agaric to strengthen immunity, maintain tone, and maintain a good mood. Amanita also perfectly increases the body's endurance to physical exertion.

Of course, you won’t learn to pass through walls, but you can cool your intuition, and even wake up your ability to clairvoyance (well, this is more for those who use fly agaric for spiritual practices) The use of fly agaric can betray self-confidence and can make you more self-sufficient and spiritually independent. And you can get all this exclusively on microdosing.
Of course, I'm only talking about my experience, but that's what it is!

Please keep in mind that I did not indicate above in my comment about the duration of the use of fly agaric in microdosing, and also did not indicate my physical parameters, did not indicate nutrition (what foods I eat) and some other factors that can also directly affect what effect can have fly agaric ----- BM: I agree) energy, prevention) she is healthy and I take a course a year

Baba Masha, [11.01.2022 0:35]

Baba Masha, [01/11/2022 8:41 AM]
Personal Mache
Baba Masha hello! I eat fly agaric 1 gram in the morning and in the evening I can have another gram during the day. Very sleepy. I sleep all day long. There was some kind of strong love for yourself☺️ ! There was a feeling of perfection, uniqueness🤴
Inside the state of peace and quiet there is no aggression has become more tolerant of people.
The only negative is that I don’t open my laptop, I don’t want to work🤷‍♂️. Here is the desire to grab coffee in the morning. And I lost my appetite, I like it so much!
I eat twice a day with little desire

Baba Masha, [01/11/2022 8:41 AM]

Baba Masha, [11.01.2022 21:41]
Chat Masha
I have been giving my dog ​​fly agaric for a month now. Usually at this time he has already passed 14 days of anti-inflammatory injections. 6 years ago he was paralyzed, with a back injury. This year the attack began. I give 30 mg. Its weight is 4 kg. He recovered without injections. He is always cheerful, but now he is generally like a puppy)

Baba Masha, [11.01.2022 21:41]
Microdosing Amanita in capsules 60 pcs 0.5g
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