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in Ukraine

We are buying fly agarics

You can sell red fly agaric hats with us.
+38 98 244 244 1
НOur company is engaged in the purchase of dried fly agaric.в.
We buy our products in proven regions of the country with ecologically favorable conditions for growing mushrooms. We pick up dried products ourselves. The settlement is carried out at the meeting in a non-cash way.

We accept two types of dried fly agaric - Amanita Muscaria and Pantherina. We accept any hat. We are ready to accept goods in bulk. Retail purchase is also possible. Prices for products are indicated in the price list. Remember that mushrooms have a certain shelf life - a maximum of 1 year, so the purchase of products is possible only until the end of the current year.
Decent earnings for experienced mushroom pickers!

If you are engaged in the assembly and drying of mushrooms, you can get a decent income by selling fly agarics of our company. We are interested in reliable suppliers, with whom we will work on mutually beneficial terms. If you live near the forest and know how to dry fly agarics, you can harvest products and sell them to us.

We offer:
1. Purchase of dried fly agaric in any volume
2. Long-term cooperation
3. High income

What products do we buy

We carry out the purchase of any fly agaric hats. But we have certain requirements for the accepted products:
1. Mushrooms must be clean with no traces of rot

2. Drying mushrooms should be carried out at a temperature of 40 to 47 degrees

3. We remind you that we do not buy last year's mushrooms. We are interested in products assembled before December. Our employees have sufficient experience to evaluate the quality of mushrooms. Contact phone
+38 98 244 244 1

If you have any questions, please write in telegram :)
+38 096 988 988 6
FOP Yasaveev E.F.
ИНН 3147802955

Monday - Sunday
from 10.00-18.00
(without days off)

Monday - Saturday
Sunday is a day off
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