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Fly agaric tincture
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Tincture of fresh fly agaric in alcohol, methods of application in the treatment of diseases of the joints and oncology and other diseases.
Microdosing with fly agaric tincture

Options for using fly agaric tincture
Amanita tincture can be treated both with the help of various compresses, rubbing and lotions, and by taking the drug inside. It must be remembered that when applied externally, the tincture should not be allowed to get on open wounds and mucous membranes, since toxic ones can get inside the body and cause poisoning. When taking the drug inside, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum allowable dose.

Treatment of joints
Most often, for the treatment of joint diseases (osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis), a compress from fly agaric tincture is used. To do this, the fabric is impregnated with fly agaric tincture and the problem joint is wrapped around it, covered with plastic wrap on top and wrapped with a warm cloth. In the treatment of hand joints, cotton gloves soaked in tincture can be used, a bag is put on top of them, then warm mittens. If the patient has high blood pressure, then the compress on the joints is not wrapped. In the treatment of oral tincture, it is recommended to start with one drop per day, daily increasing the dose of the drug by 1 drop, reaching up to 20 drops per day, stop increasing the dose. Take 20 drops of tincture for another 10 days, then just as smoothly reduce the dose to 1 drop per day. Before starting the use of the drug, you must always consult with your doctor.

The use of fly agaric tincture in oncology
In official medicine, there is no exact data on the effectiveness of the use of preparations from fly agaric for the treatment of cancer. Traditional healers believe that the use of fly agaric produces an effect similar to the use of chemotherapy. Therefore, it is believed that it is advisable to use methods of treatment with fly agaric preparations as an adjuvant. After such treatment, it is imperative to take procedures to remove toxins from the body (drink cleansing decoctions and absorbents).

Oncological diseases of the liver
For treatment, the usual fly agaric tincture is used (4 caps of red fly agaric per half liter of vodka). Start with taking one drop per day, every day increase the dose by 1 drop. When the daily dose reaches 2.5 grams (30 drops), continue to take 2.5 grams of tincture for another 21 days, after which the amount of tincture taken is gradually (by 1 drop per day) reduced.

Breast oncology
Experts say that the right dosage of fly agaric tincture inhibits the development of metastases and helps the patient's body get rid of toxins. At the same time, an overdose can cause a general depression of the nervous system and disruption of the endocrine system. Therefore, a gradual increase in the dose of the medication taken is recommended, and then the same gradual decrease. It must be remembered that consultation with a doctor before starting treatment is required.

Use in Parkinson's disease
Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely recover from Parkinson's disease with the help of fly agaric, the tincture will only help reduce the manifestation of symptoms. As a rule, the drug is taken, dissolved in water, 30 minutes before a meal. The dose is gradually increased (by 1 drop per day). To select a specific medication regimen, it is better to consult a specialist.
Treatment for insomnia
The right dose of tincture reduces nervousness, calms the nervous system and improves sleep. The dose is selected by gradual increase (by 1 drop per day), the maximum dose should not exceed 30 drops.

With diabetes
It is known that fly agaric tincture stabilizes blood sugar levels and restores the normal functioning of the pancreas. Usually, take the drug one drop of tincture, three times a day, 15 minutes before meals. Every day the dose is increased by 1 drop. The maximum amount of a single dose of tincture is 20 drops. After reaching the maximum dose, it begins to gradually decrease (by 1 drop per day). After completion of the course, a pause for 7-10 days is necessary. If necessary, the course must be repeated. When taking the drug, it is recommended to dissolve it in water or milk. It is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before starting treatment.

Application for varicose veins
To alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins, apply compresses from alcohol tincture on fly agarics. To do this, a cloth soaked in tincture is applied to the problem area and wrapped with plastic wrap on top. The compress is applied for 1 hour, then the place of the compress is washed with soap and water and then treated with a cream. The course of treatment usually lasts 7-10 days. If a positive effect is not achieved, then a week later the course is repeated.

With age spots
Amanita tincture is an effective remedy for fighting age spots and freckles. To do this, moisten a cotton swab with tincture and treat problem areas. After the procedure, wash the skin with soap and treat with cream. Usually such procedures are done at night.

Tuberculosis treatment
Start taking the tincture 2 drops a day, every day the dose is increased by 2 drops. After 10 days of treatment, the dose is reduced in the same manner. After the course of treatment, a pause is made for 10 days. If necessary, the course is repeated. If tuberculosis is in a severe stage, then take half a teaspoon of tincture daily on an empty stomach. The course of treatment lasts a week, then a weekly pause and a second course of treatment. To accelerate the removal of toxins from the body during treatment, it is recommended to take activated charcoal or other absorbents.

Problems in the cardiovascular system
A scheme is used for gradually increasing the amount of tincture taken (from one drop of tincture per day to 20), and a gradual decrease (from 20 to 1 drop). It is recommended to take the drug with milk. To remove toxins from the body, there is a break between courses of treatment of 7-10 days.

Treatment of inflammation in the lymph nodes
Soak a cotton swab in the fly agaric tincture and treat the inflamed area of ​​the body with it. The course of treatment lasts 7-10 days, if the inflammation has not passed, then after a week's pause, the course is repeated.

Treatment for headaches
A small amount of rubbing is applied to the temple area and rubbed into the skin in a circular motion. After the end of the procedure, the treated areas are washed with soap and water.

Scope of alcohol tincture from fly agaric
The most common preparation based on fly agaric is an alcohol tincture of fresh fly agaric. This tincture has a whole range of useful properties: antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anthelmintic, increasing regeneration and general tone of the body.
Fly agaric tincture can help in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, we can list only a few of them:

· diseases of the skin (all kinds of dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections, purulent pathologies);
· Violation of the cardiovascular system (angioneurosis, arrhythmia);
· diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, muscle pain, arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis);
· Nervous disorders (epilepsy, nerve damage);
· oncology;
· gynecological diseases;
· visual impairment.

It should not be forgotten that most often fly agaric tincture is an additional remedy for treatment, it only enhances the effect of the main drugs.
Safety rules when using fly agaric tincture
The drugs contain a large amount of psychoactive substances and toxins, so when using them, you need to wear protective gloves, and after the procedure, wash your hands with warm water. It is forbidden to treat patients with contraindications.
Before use, a doctor's consultation is necessary.
Method of application of fly agaric tincture.

The principle of application is based on a gradual increase in the dose of the drug from one drop to 20, then take the maximum dose for 7-10 days, and then gradually reduce the dose (by 1 drop per day).
To facilitate the procedure, you can dissolve the tincture in milk or water. After the end of the course of treatment, it is recommended to carry out procedures to detoxify the body.

Recommendations for the use of compresses and rubbing from fly agaric

The tincture has proven itself in the treatment of joint problems. To achieve the best result, you need to “steam” the desired part of the body with warm water, and then carry out medical procedures. The duration of the session should be at least 45 minutes. The minimum course is 7-10 days. It is necessary to ensure that the tincture does not get on the mucous membranes and open wounds of the patient (there is a possibility of getting poisoned). It must be remembered that alcohol tincture on fly agaric is effective for relieving pain and swelling in sciatica, arthritis and arthrosis, but does not give a positive result in the treatment of intervertebral hernia, and is also ineffective for cartilage tissue regeneration.
The chemical composition of the fly agaric, useful substances included in its composition
Most of the nutrients are contained in the fly agaric cap, so the mushroom legs are not used.
We list some substances and toxins used in medicine:
1. Ibotenic acid - affects the neurons of the brain, can cause their death. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, it forms the psychoactive substance muscazone.

2. Muscarine - increases the width of blood vessels, reduces the amount of blood ejected by the heart into the circulatory system.
3. Muscimol - has a calming and relaxing effect.
4. Muscarufin - increases the general tone of the body, is a natural antibiotic and is used in the treatment of tumors.
These and other substances contained in fly agaric allow the successful use of drugs based on these fungi for the treatment of a wide range of diseases:
· rheumatic pains;
· diseases of the joints;
· simple and malignant tumors;
· skin diseases
· fast healing of open wounds;
· fight against helminths;
· elimination of pain.
Useful properties of red fly agaric
Everyone knows that the red fly agaric belongs to the category of poisonous mushrooms, but it contains a lot of useful substances and trace elements that can help a person in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.
Various tinctures and decoctions are made from fly agarics, which are used in the treatment of the endocrine system, joint diseases, disorders in the cardiovascular system, and nervous system disorders.

In cosmetics, to combat acne and pigmentation disorders, products with an extract from fly agaric are used. In addition, fly agaric enhances the regeneration of skin cells.

In everyday life, a decoction of fly agaric helps to fight harmful insects.
1. The chemical composition of the fly agaric, useful substances included in its composition
2. Useful properties of red fly agaric
3. Scope of alcohol tincture from fly agaric
4. Options for the manufacture of alcohol tinctures from fly agaric
4.1. Direct infusion of fly agaric on vodka
4.2. Fly agaric fermentation
4.3. Dried fly agaric in vodka
4.4. Fly agaric in moonshine
4.5. Tincture of finely chopped fly agaric
5. Options for using fly agaric tincture
5.1. Joint treatment
5.2. The use of fly agaric tincture in oncology
5.3. Oncological diseases of the liver
5.4. breast oncology
5.5. Use in Parkinson's disease
5.6. Treatment for insomnia
5.7. With diabetes
5.8. Application for varicose veins
5.9. With age spots
5.10. Tuberculosis treatment
5.11. Problems in the cardiovascular system
5.12. Treatment of inflammation in the lymph nodes
5.13. For headaches
6. Safety rules when using fly agaric tincture
6.1. Method of using fly agaric tincture
6.2. Recommendations for the use of compresses and rubbing from fly agaric
7. Symptoms of overdose, actions to be taken in case of poisoning
8. Contraindications in the treatment of fly agaric tincture
9. Rules for the storage of fly agaric tincture
10. Conclusions

Amanita-based preparations are often used to treat rheumatism, joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis), sleep disorders, diabetes, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system and other ailments. Various tinctures (water and alcohol), extracts, ointments and all kinds of decoctions are made from red fly agaric.

The easiest to manufacture and use is considered to be fly agaric tincture on vodka. It is able to have a therapeutic effect in various ailments. The main thing is to properly prepare and apply the drug.
Options for the manufacture of alcohol tinctures from fly agaric
You need to know that for the preparation of high-quality tincture, several rules must be observed:
1. Collect mushrooms only in ecologically clean areas, at a distance of at least 0.5 km from highways and industrial facilities (mushrooms can accumulate carcinogens in themselves).
2. For the preparation of tincture, only mushroom caps are used, without traces of decay, mold and other defects.
3. It is advisable to pick mushrooms with rubber gloves.
4. Freshly picked mushrooms are processed immediately after the collection is over.
5. Mushrooms are dried in a well-ventilated, shaded place.
6. In the manufacture of tincture, hermetically sealed dark glassware is used.
7. Knives, cutting boards and other utensils should not be used for other purposes (toxins contained in mushrooms may remain on them).
8. All actions must be carried out strictly according to the prescription.

Direct infusion of fly agaric on vodka
To prepare 10-20% fly agaric tincture, you need to collect mushroom caps, put on a dry cloth and leave to dry for a day. After the mushrooms must be cleaned of litter, cut the caps into small pieces. Weigh the fly agaric and put it in a glass container, pour an equal amount of alcohol (not vodka!). Close the dishes tightly and leave in a dark room for forty days (we put in the basement). Then strain the resulting tincture through a cloth.

If necessary (to reduce the concentration of active substances), it is recommended to add an additional amount of alcohol to the tincture.
Fly agaric fermentation
Clean the hats of freshly picked fly agarics from dirt and debris, cut into small pieces, pack tightly into a glass dish and close it tightly. Bury a container with mushrooms in the ground one meter. After 30 days, dig out the container with mushrooms. Squeeze fermented fly agaric through a cloth. Mix the resulting liquid in half with vodka. The medicinal liquid has a specific, unpleasant odor.

Dried red fly agarics in vodka (we don't make this recipe)
For 100 grams of dried fly agaric, take 1 liter of vodka. Infuse for three weeks in a dry, dark room. In dried fly agaric, useful substances do not disappear, so the tincture from dried fly agaric is in no way inferior to that obtained from fresh mushrooms.

Fly agaric in moonshine (we don't make this recipe)
For 1 liter of moonshine (with a strength of 50 degrees), take seven medium caps of fly agaric. Mushrooms cut into small pieces, put in a glass container and pour moonshine. Insist in a dark room for 60 days. Shake the tincture periodically. Then strain the tincture through a cloth.

Tincture of finely chopped fly agaric
Sometimes it is more convenient to take crushed fly agaric hats to prepare the tincture. Put gruel from 4 fly agaric caps in a dark glass dish, add 0.5 liters of alcohol and leave for 1 month. At the end of the period, strain the mixture. The disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of accurately determining the concentration of the beneficial substance in the tincture, so this method is rarely used.

Overdose symptoms, actions to be taken in case of poisoning
We must not forget that the fly agaric contains various toxic substances, so an increase in the dose of the drug taken can lead to severe poisoning.
The main symptoms of fly agaric poisoning:
increased salivation and sweating;
watery eyes;
· nausea;
· diarrhea
· stomach ache;
· overexcitation of the nervous system;
· sound and auditory hallucinations;
· loss of coordination, convulsions;
· altered state of mind.

In case of severe poisoning, a person may fall into a coma. Actions to be taken in case of poisoning:
1. Call an ambulance and report the situation.
2. Give the victim activated charcoal or other similar means.
3. Give plenty of fluids.
4. Cleanse the stomach.
5. Give a laxative to cleanse the intestines (magnesium sulfate solution).
Contraindications in the treatment of fly agaric tincture
1. Pregnancy and lactation.
2. Age up to 18 years.
3. There are contraindications to the treatment of patients with heart failure.
4. Open bleeding.

5. Allergy to the substances that make up the fly agaric.

6. Mental disorders.

7. Compresses and rubbing should not be used for inflammation of the joints, with open wounds, as well as with the appearance of an allergic reaction.

To avoid negative effects, before using the product, you need to apply a small amount of the substance to the wrist or elbow. If an allergic reaction does not follow, then the tincture can be used for treatment.
Rules for storing fly agaric tincture
1. The container must be tightly closed.
2. The storage location is cool and shady, out of the reach of pets and children.
3. Keep the tincture for no more than a year.

Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
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