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Шляпка красного мухомора
Красный мухомор гриб
We send all products abroad, to any country in the world, except for Moldova and Russia
just new season 2022!

Dried red fly agaric
(microdosing fly agaric)
in our online store, harvest September 2022. Drying was carried out in an industrial drying chamber at a
temperature of 45-50°C.

Red fly agaric hats

Here you can buy fly agaric with fast delivery in Ukraine
The most popular products among fly agaric products are dried red fly agaric hats. The first reason for this is that the buyer sees what he is specifically buying. Even though capsules are much easier to consume, since there is already a specific dosage of fly agaric, fly agaric caps are still in demand.
Basically, the fly agaric is taken in a dry form, breaking off a piece from the cap, weighing the weight, and eating it with water. If the mushroom is with sand, then it is not very convenient to take it. Then it is better to make a decoction.
Sometimes microdoses without weights, breaking off caps on the eye, we do not recommend this method of administration.
In the catalog we have scales 200g (0.01g)

Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
5 packaging options.
Availability and photos
are up-to-date.

Новая опция - набор новичка. Для тех кто не знает что лучше выбрать

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Lion’s Mane
Fly agaric
All mushrooms
Fly agaric red and panther

Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane)

Cordyceps militaris

Antiparasitic triplets

Birch chaga
Trutovik real

Amanita oils on coconut and cocoa butter

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We send all products abroad, to any country in the world, except for Moldova and Russia
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Personal Mache

Good day, BabMasha! May I ask a question here? If so, I won't.)
"Accidentally" I got a few dried hats. Immediately after talking with you). Two days, I eat 0.3 in the morning and in the evening. Felt calm and normal on the first day. Now the second, after prolonged stress and mood swings, and sertraline 150 mg for 4 years, after thyroid surgery, cancer without metastases. And for 3 months Vipex 75 mg (I couldn’t cope with nightmarish prolonged stress, before that I had a fracture, Tramadex 100, Percaset 10, for a long time, I gave up alcohol for 6 months, I was part of life, I didn’t grunt, but I was already studying), 2 days I feel like a boa constrictor , I can become a bully. A persistent aversion to blood pressure appeared, it didn’t even occur to me to quit before microdoses, without them, I thought kerdyk). Now Tramadex is only for the weather, not regularly, the last time was 10 days ago, when I work, I am a tattoo artist and a permanent artist, an artist, I write, I need a hand, V / O Artistic, a member of the union. Israel. But it seems to me that I am deceiving everyone, that it’s not so hot what an artist, why try, and laziness, this is an inner feeling). Today, against the backdrop of calmness, joy and adequacy, muscles and joints are aching, can the fly agaric exacerbate something by starting to work? From my chemistry lab). 48 years old. By nature, kind and cheerful, very straight. But mad, if necessary, or rather never necessary. But the Fas team is better not to. All hope for fly agarics). Smoking rarely and without fanaticism, but respect. There are always houses. From special means, at different periods, I tried almost everything, I never injected, of course, only "intelligent" drugs, God forgive me!
Oh, here it is! Question: what do joints and muscles lift on the second day of hats, after a week of capsules, is this a working moment, through an exacerbation? Not much, I'm just not going to draw today.
If you have any questions, please write in telegram :)
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