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microdosing instructions
Amanita Capsules

Red fly agaric in capsules
of 0.5 gr

The practical use of microscopic doses of fly agaric has already 100% confirmed the benefits that the beneficial substances and trace elements in these mushrooms bring to the human body.
Red fly agaric capsules are available for 60 and 120 capsules in convenient jars.
SEASON 2022!
Красный мухомор в капсулах, 60 шт
Капсулы красного мухомора в капсулах для микродозинга по 0. 5 гр в удобной баночке с открывающейся крышкой. Купить капсулы мухомора
Мухомор красный в капсулах, 120 шт
Микродозинг красного мухомора в капсулах 0.5 грамм в баночке. Купить мухоморный микродозинг.
Instruction based on the experience of receiving a large number of people, and personal experience
  • This instruction is primarily based on the personal use of microdosing 4 times with an application time of 3 weeks to a month and a half. Microdose since 2019 with breaks of 2-6 months. The first thing I noted is that there is no dependence, just at some point you stop drinking, the body gives very clear signals, which is already enough.

I recommend that you remember the state of the owl, start drinking capsules (ideally without any special expectations) and then after two weeks (!) Try to analyze the effect.

The FIRST thing in microdosing is NOT TO Rush! They often buy fly agaric, drink it for two days, and write like "I drink 1g. I don't feel anything." Microdosing just in order not to feel the direct effect of a change in consciousness. Yes, there can be a surge of strength, greater awareness, or vice versa, calm and drowsiness. But they cannot be pronounced, otherwise they are already near trippy states (such as taking 2 grams).

SECOND, do not increase doses abruptly. If you drank 0.5 g today, tomorrow 1 g, (oh no effect) we take and drink 2 g ... And there are those who on the fourth day already have 3-5 g ...
It's not microdosing anymore.
So we got to the most important thing, the dosage of the use of fly agaric mushroom as microdosing for medical, health and educational purposes.
Fortunately, he is an incredibly powerful and wise mushroom!
Dosage of red fly agaric capsules
The most common DOSAGE OF Amanita is 1g. per day

There is an option 1 g (two capsules) in the morning, you can also 0.5 g (one capsule) in the morning and 0.5 g (one capsule) in the evening. There was no significant difference in taking before meals or after meals. But it is logical not to interfere with fly agaric with food, so I drink it separately.

There is an option 0.5 gr. in the evening. And then either a sound sleep is possible (sometimes fly agaric is used as a plant "sleeping pill"), or vice versa, an anxious shallow sleep. Personally, from 0.5g I have a very sound sleep, and from 1g, superficial sleep, the body is toned.

Breaks are usually not done (like I drink a day, I don’t drink a day), on the contrary, experience says that it is better to take it every day, at a certain period of time

It is best to focus on the sensations of your body. There were people who took it for 3-4 months without interruption. In general, the average duration of microdosing is 1-2 months. I believe that the minimum terms should be at least two weeks, otherwise the effect of fly agaric will not be clear.
My personal experience consists of 30, then 50 days, then 25 days, then 30 days (of course with breaks). All the dates were felt, without planning in advance. I just stopped drinking when I felt I had enough.

Benefits of red fly agaric capsules:
Therefore, the following can be summarized:

  • ready to use;
  • clear dosage;
  • convenient to microdose;
  • no need to grind, and weigh the fly agaric each time.
  • buy if you feel trust in the seller. When in doubt, buy whole hats.

Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
5 packaging options.
Availability and photos
are up-to-date.

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Hi, let's get acquainted
- I'm Ed!
This site belongs to me, I am the one who sells red fly agaric microdosing. I know exactly how useful these mushrooms are, so I am very happy that I am a direct participant in this process.
In Ukraine, the red fly agaric is a legal mushroom, so it can be consumed safely without fear of trouble. As for the quality of our fly agarics, I carefully monitor this personally. I do not collect mushrooms myself, my duties include only organizing it. But, the collection itself, as well as the subsequent drying, I control
myself. Some sand may remain on the caps of our fly agarics. It is very minimal, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely get rid of sand today ...
I moved to the Verkhovyna region of the Carpathians from Odessa. But, in order for the parcels to be quickly delivered to other cities in Odessa, my reliable assistant is engaged in shipments. From Verkhovyna, it takes about 3 days
to deliver fly agarics to customers.
We transfer the dried mushrooms into ZIP bags, while removing all the air from the bags as much as possible. Previously, we tried to use a vacuum cleaner, but refused this option due to the fact that the appearance of the mushrooms packed in this way was, to put it mildly, unpresentable.
We have already practiced the delivery of our fly agarics abroad. With the exception of Moldova, all deliveries were successful.
Let's start our cooperation and you will be satisfied with it!
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Physiological and psychotherapeutic indications
Interesting facts about fly agaric tincture

Alcohol tincture prepared from fresh fly agaric is used to treat dozens of diseases, among which are quite complex. Water and alcohol tinctures are used to treat:
  • diseases of the joints - arthritis and arthrosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Sleep disturbances
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.
This is not a complete list of diseases that can be cured with red fly agaric tincture. In addition, various decoctions, extracts and ointments are made from the fungus. Considering the various preparations that are prepared from fly agaric, we can say with confidence that the simplest of them, both in application and in use, is the tincture of this mushroom in vodka. The curative effect of this drug has already been proven in relation to a number of diseases. Most importantly, in order for the remedy to benefit, you must carefully observe the dosage indicated in the recipe.

Chemical elements in the composition of the fly agaric
The vast majority of the chemical elements contained in the fly agaric are contained in the cap of the mushroom. At the same time, they are practically absent in the leg, because of this, it is practically not used for the preparation of medicinal potions. The most potent toxins and chemicals in fly agaric are:
1. ibotenic acid - has an extremely active effect on brain neurons to the point that it can provoke the death of the latter. If the fungus is exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, the formation of a psychoactive substance, muscazone, begins.
2. Muscarine - this substance is credited with increasing the width of blood vessels and, accordingly, the amount of blood that the heart sends into the circulatory system is significantly reduced.
3. Muscimol has a relaxing and calming effect.
4. Muscarufin - this natural antibiotic used to treat various kinds of tumors also serves to increase the overall tone of the body.
These and other chemicals that are part of the fly agaric make it indispensable for the preparation of medicines, with the help of which many diseases can be successfully cured, including:
  • pain of rheumatic origin;
  • joint diseases;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • helminthiasis;
  • removal of pain syndrome.
In addition, fly agaric-based products show excellent action in the wound healing process.

What is useful red fly agaric
It is almost impossible to overestimate the useful qualities that the red fly agaric has, and this despite the fact that it belongs to the category of poisonous mushrooms. A huge amount of useful substances and trace elements contained in it can provide effective assistance in the treatment of many diseases of a wide range. Decoctions and tinctures made from them have long been used to treat:
diseases of the joints;
diseases of the endocrine system;
nervous disorders;
Disorders of the cardiovascular system.
Used preparations prepared on the basis of fly agaric and in cosmetology. They are used in the fight against acne and pigmentation disorders of the skin. Fly agaric also proved to be effective as a skin cell regenerator.
  • In domestic use, fly agaric is used to control insects, flies in particular.

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Microdoses of fly agaric
from Baba Masha
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