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How to take fly agaric
Fly agaric microdosing

How to take red fly agaric capsules - instructions

Harvest August 2022 with drying in a drying chamber at a temperature of 45-50 degrees. Sometimes very little happens with sand. Photos are up to date! Storage and sending in ZIP packages
For the benefit of!
Selling red fly agaric around the world!
Red fly agaric microdosing options:
All the information described below is a selection of different methods that were collected from the chats of THOMAS and b Masha. All the options described below can be combined at your own discretion, and choose the ideal option for yourself.
Whole and ground Amanita Muscaria?
I did not notice the difference between the ground mushroom and the whole. Sometimes I met information that the ground loses its properties faster. I think that if the mushroom is stored without access to air, ground or whole, it does not matter.

And here is some information for your reference:
Вишневский, Эпифанцев и Дед Ворон
Видео про микродозы б Маши
Книга б маши "Микродозы мухомора"
Телеграмм канал Бабы Маши с отзывами:
Чат для общения Томаса:
Статистика употребления мухомора в инфографике:
How best to brew fly agaric or eat?
The difference between brewing and eating the driest mushroom itself was also not a purchase. Do as you please. There is an opinion that by brewing and drinking mushroom water, and not using the brewed mushroom itself, we reduce the load on the body. In part, it is, once again we load the body with chitin, it makes no sense, but we don’t think about the speed of everything, eating soups with mushrooms, champignons and other dishes, eating mushrooms in large quantities :)

Dosages and hours of taking fly agaric:
1. Personally, my favorite method: take 1 gram of ground or whole mushroom in the morning before meals with warm water.
2. 0.5 g of the mushroom in the morning, and 0.5 g in the evening with water
3. Take 1 g of ground or whole mushroom in the evening with warm water. Here you will either sleep soundly, or vice versa, shallow, with very vivid dreams.
4,5,6 - All the same dosages and times of administration as in paragraphs 1,2,3, only the difference in brewing ground or whole mushroom in water is 60-70 degrees (it can be higher, but I don’t see the point).

You can brew in a thermos, or just a cup. When the mushroom sinks to the bottom, and it becomes a uniform jelly color, you can drink the tincture. 10-20 minutes is enough for this. The mushroom itself can be drunk too, or thrown away.

Sometimes I even make fly agaric broths, adding vegetables, salt and spices :)
Taking more than 1.5g may cause a tonic effect, as well as slight changes in the state of reality.
When it is necessary to actively solve cases, sometimes I took 1.5g.
Experiment :)


Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
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Microdoses of fly agaric
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