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REVIEWS ABOUT Amanita part 2

Reviews from the chat of Baba Masha about the use of fly agarics in mirodozing.

The course was 20 days

Started with 1.5g lowered to 1. In the morning on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before breakfast, sometimes alternated 0.8g
A surge of energy, positive emotions, empathy for others.
Also, I want to touch on non-verbal communication. He read and understood people by facial expressions, any of their reactions and emotional state.
He especially helped me with employment in sales, he showed himself perfectly during the internship and I quickly found contact with the whole team through easy and positive communication

This hour, 10 days after the end of MD, I began to realize many things that I thought about superficially and could not find an answer, but now thoughts about a particular topic are so clear that I don’t even have the desire and sense to devote this topic to familiar or little-known people. In general, this part is probably not clearly formulated, but who knows, I think he will catch it.

Of the main advantages:
-After the start of MD, the craving for alcohol completely disappeared (a small minus of this, that I finally realized what kind of poison it is and I am furious at how this shit is promoted, considering it to be absolutely normal and cool substance. Absolutely everywhere propaganda, starting from advertising on the Internet , ending with a society of youngsters and adults, denoting alcohol as cool and wonderful)
-And I gave up sugar.

Minus one:
The craving for smoking has not disappeared, maybe even more
- From personal woman Masha, Brief review md mhm
According to my feelings, there is no rollback, if you do not exceed the dosage to MINIDozing. I have already gone to the fifth month of the MKD. Now I started taking it again after a two-week break (even a little more than two weeks) And what's interesting ... Firstly, during the break, I maintained a stable positive state. To mcd. had a prolonged depression. There was also an exacerbation of the gastrointestinal tract, very strong, as never before.

I did not connect it with the fly agaric. And now I think that maybe he was the reason. Because then came a sharp improvement. And now I'm flying and fluttering. I'm going to check it out soon and I'll know for sure. In general, after only four microseconds months, I felt a cumulative effect, and it definitely does not disappear if you stop. The general condition is excellent, the mood is good, it turned away from the sweet, but not completely. From alcohol, too, completely, so I didn’t really drink much, but now I don’t even want tasty aesthetic alcohol at all. I smoke Maria very rarely, for additional insights (about once a month). Now I'm thinking about taking another month and finishing until the fall.
— From personal woman Masha
By the way, I can write a short review about my husband's microdosing. He microdosed for almost two weeks and quit because he didn't see any noticeable effect.

What happened in fact. In the first days, mhm put him to sleep, because it’s not good to sleep for 5-6 hours. Then sleep less than 7-8 hours did not work.
No stimulating effect was observed, hence the conclusion that if there is no decline, depression or something else, then everything remains as it is.
What's more interesting - began to pass the problems with the skin.
I think in order to continue working with the skin, you need to buy an ointment or cream with mxm.
The internal reception, in general, gave a person who was healthy and contented with life nothing special.

In some places, untreated versicolor versicolor remained - this is such a chronic fungal infection. I began to pass on microdosing, but did not manage to pass completely.
By the way, one got out is not clear - whether a positive, or a negative effect.
Mhm turned out to be poorly compatible with alcohol.
The husband drank a couple of bottles in the evening, and the next day he was very sick, his stomach hurt.
On that, the experiment was completed by him, because. no obvious advantages were observed, but a limitation appeared.
— From personal woman Masha
I have been doing microdosing for about a month now. In the morning about 0.5, in the evening too. Sometimes I take breaks for a couple of days. During all this time, I noticed in my behavior that if I do something that is not the case, whether it's watching YouTube or some other things, I get very angry at everything around me later, there is panic and a feeling that life is leaking somewhere. As soon as I do work, I have a huge clarity in my head, complete calmness even before the very deadlines and a lot of energy. There is still laziness, but now it brings little pleasure, and realizing that under the flies you can’t lie quietly in idleness and laziness, you begin to get into your problems and affairs with a clear head and complete calm.
— From personal woman Masha
Good hour friends. I would like to share my recent experience. Md mhm 6 months. 1 gr. Per day. In the process, MD quit smoking whitefish, Marya, turned away from the drunk and many other positive results. Caught a sore throat, cough. For the purpose of treatment in the evening I drank 4 gr. Mhm and thc cbd oil for cough and expectoration and mucus thinning. Went to sleep. In the chest area - I got a fiery nut from which waves of constant frequency began to pass through the body. I was calm. Consciousness is not changed. It went on for about 2 hours. Then he fell asleep because it was night. The next day I felt great. Then I signed up for a gym and started walking. Prior to that, he was engaged in sports for the last time in 20 years, i.e. 20 years ago. Accidentally In a game with children, I decided to stand upside down on my head. And I managed to stand for about 5 seconds. Homemade stunned! The next day I tried again and I managed to get 10 seconds and I can do more, I stand straight. Previously, there were no such abilities. I began to study the body, the place where there was a fireball in the chest, this is the region of the thymus gland. I think that the herbal medicines taken may have stimulated the thymus gland. Now muscle pain after training, and tomorrow I'm going to the gym. Md mhm continue 1 gr. In the morning.
— Из личных бабе Маше

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