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*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [Dec 26. 2021 04:14:30 PM]:
Personal Mache
Good afternoon, Grandma Masha! I am a girl, 18 years old. I became interested in the topic of MDM thanks to your videos. I am very grateful to you for this topic, for the fact that you are actively promoting it, some of my friends also microdose. But I applied for the reason that fly agarics affect me in general very positively, like most - they relieve tension, give vigor during the day, and at night - vivid dreams and fast falling asleep. However, my migraine hasn't gone away at all. I tried to increase the dose or reduce it, but it still didn’t affect it at all, or vice versa, my head hurt more. Am I doing something wrong, or will the fly agaric not help me with this topic at all? A few years of migraine, if anything (I went to the doctor. She says constant spasms of the cervical region. Massage does not help)


Personal Mache
Hello, Bab Mash :) Happy New Year!!! 👽🎉🎄🍄

My review of the fly agaric microdose course. Own mushroom, from the forest 🍄

At first, about the first week, I took 0.5 in the morning and in the evening every day. I started November 1st. Then, after a sleepless night, I began to take 0.5-1.0 grams once a day. On average, 0.65, but not more than 1 gram per day❗️

BEFORE the reception, the state was depressed, frequent mood swings, tears, apathetic state and negative thinking prevailed.

When I started taking the mushroom, I practically did not feel it. No changes in consciousness, even from 1 gram. But microdoses work on a cumulative effect. I noticed it about 2 weeks later. I began to think less :) Less negative thoughts, fewer thought twists, and if they appeared, I quickly caught myself on this and stopped them at the initial stage) My mood and appetite improved noticeably! Smoother reaction to upsetting moments: less resentment, more acceptance. But so far, no super-breakthroughs and enlightenments) In general, I am very pleased with the effect :) The right thoughts come to mind, the negative is eliminated 🔆


Baba Masha, [3 Jan. 2022, 17:26:18]:
Personal Mache
Hello Bab Masha)
I take 3 weeks.
By dosage: I switched from 0.35 to 0.50 gr.
Reception time: in the morning and at night
In the first week, often after a night reception, negatives came out, various flashbacks from the past - but they were neutralized. 😂
There are no such special effects as there were in the early days, although they are more likely to exist, I just don’t notice them. used to. Immediately after taking, there is a feeling of emptiness from thoughts, it is easier to switch to the present moment. In general, in two weeks there is a feeling that a bunch of garbage from the head was cleared (about 65-70% of the rest, because many psychotraumas and situations from the past were like bombs defused, discharged, and even the informational part seemed to have disappeared as unnecessary , many obsessive thoughts disappeared, clinging to beliefs and ideas - I began to stay more in the present moment without unnecessary assessments and judgments, I began to understand myself much better - what I really am, what drives me, and most importantly, I again realized that everything that I necessary and all that is real is here and now). 
Marya also often helps to come to her senses - before, there were often panic attacks after taking, against the background of all sorts of different negatives from the past, stress and groundless anxiety. And now almost everything is calm and I am completely sure - this is the merit of the fly agaric! ... and of course me who was able to use it correctly)))
Thank you for being who you are and for all your hard work! In my opinion, in the context of everything that is happening, the best thing that can be done for a person is to help him swell from the firmware, in accordance with which everything dances in his life and understand what he really wants ... Specifically, your content helped me better to understand and accept Marya, to discover Amanita and even without pav - an educational program of the brain - this is a very cool thing!)))
Thanks to!!! ☺️🙏


Thomas Chat. Measurement of the degree of tincture. 97 alcohol in tincture after aging and filtering - 40 degrees.


Baba Masha, [4 Jan. 2022 21:31:48]:
Chat Masha
I tried so many substances that only the fly agaric gave me this invaluable drop of "Awareness", and not only me .... there are about 50 such examples around me, and these are those to whom I personally told about microdosing.


Masha's recipes😊🍄

By popular demand, I put the weight ratio of alcohol and 🍄 in the preparation of tinctures. Although it has been stipulated many times that the content of substances and moisture content of the fungus will vary from the place of collection and the time of collection. Therefore, each of us will have a different strength and degree of tincture.
Today's crop is all gone to the tincture. A total of 3 kg of fly agaric caps fit into a 3.7 liter jar. Alcohol 80 degrees, this amount 🍄 took 750 ml.


Hats Red Amanita, 500 g
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