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Мухомор красный реальные правдивые отзывы с чата б Маши

Fly agaric microdosing reviews

Мухоморы Amanita
*These reviews are taken from Masha's chat for informational purposes.

Baba Masha, [01.10.2021 22:51]
YouTube channel Amanita AMANITA MicroDosing. Baba Masha Vasily Berezovsky • 6 minutes ago
My history. He was a beer alcoholic, with the motto "Not a day without beer!"
I started microdosing with my own collected fly agaric. At some point, the beer seemed tasteless. Tried other beers - tasteless! Stopped drinking beer. I just became completely indifferent to him.
It is surprising that narcologists say that alcoholism is incurable. I'm cured)))) There comes a time when you don't feel like drinking "it". That's all "healing")))

Baba Masha, [01.10.2021 22:51]

Baba Masha, [01.10.2021 23:14]
Personal Mache
I am very glad that I found out about you!
I beg you to tell me, I made a fly agaric tincture, it has been standing for 11 days, but my lower back hurts a lot. Can I already use it as a rub? Thank you in advance!

BM: Hello, I didn't try the 11 day one, I can't say anything

—- I still tried.! I rubbed my lower back with tincture, and forgot, I did household chores, after about an hour I understand that there is no pain. Imagine my feelings)))). It’s like from the realm of mysticism! smells like rubbing ... as if it smelled the same in the forest when picking mushrooms

Baba Masha, [01.10.2021 23:14]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 3:26]
YouTube channel Amanita AMANITA MicroDosing. Baba Masha
Black Spring 08 • 3 days ago
My incredible!!! In 19 I ordered 30 grams for the first time. On ebay. Before that, it was not represented in the brain at all. Used microdosing at 0.5. Tested. Thank you! ……….
PS. Was depressed. Oral! Argued! Angry! Didn't understand. Now in 🇺🇸. I'm going my own way 🙏 1981 gr

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 3:26]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 17:47]
Personal Mache
Greetings Baba Masha!😉
A little about a friend who was depressed, unemployed and did not communicate with anyone. (45 years old) In general, I told him about muscaria and he decided to try it. Microdose 1-1.5 grams in the morning for three months. A month later, he already found a job, began to communicate with society, there was a desire to do something, etc.
As I told him, he takes breaks and then again microdoses further. The man came alive
Sometimes he swelled a little, and after a while he quit after Muscaria
All the best!

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 17:47]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 17:48]
I have cancer with metastases and three fractures: 2 - spine and 3rd - femoral neck. She could hardly sleep because of the severe convulsions. They prescribed tramadol. But with the help of fly agaric powder and rubbing on alcohol, the spasms completely disappeared. I sleep peacefully. The tumor decreased a little, but I'm not sure if it was due to taking fly agaric. But who knows, it might help in some way.

In connection with my illness, I take 0.1 gr. 2 weeks and a week off. This scheme works for me.

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 17:48]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:09]
Thomas Chat
Hi all!
M 36 years old, 184cm, 84kg.
my experience mdm:

1. The first experience of MDM, I bought capsules, while taking fluoxetine 1t / day, I flew into mania, I have BAR. I started taking capsules immediately after fluoxetine was refused, 1g in the morning and 1g in the evening, the first dose was in the evening, my sleep was wonderful and my dreams too (not like usual), I was productive, I trained a lot, I felt great. During the reception, 🍄 started drinking a little, smoking grass, but it was normal. The mushrooms ended (I took it for three weeks), depression, anxiety came, and with it the desire to use mef, brands, amps, there were not many of these substances, but there were, it became unbearable to smoke grass, all the negativity intensifies.

2. Second course: purchased from the same seller, but whole hats from last year. 1g in the morning and 1g in the evening.
Sleep became better, the first weeks there was heavy sweating in a dream, perhaps this is after giving up the grass, and not only, the body is being cleansed. At first he ate a lot, slept, but the anxiety was like behind a wall. The depression has lessened. The course is three weeks and the mushrooms are over.

3. I decided to order a fresh crop (Carpathians) from the same seller, the hats had been aged for a month. I take two weeks, 0.5 in the morning and 0.5 in the evening. The goals are sobriety, getting rid of depression, I want to return to life and work (a lot of things have accumulated, I put everything off for tomorrow, even write to the chat and from this anxiety and fear that they will remove it).
It got noticeably better, I returned to training, I don’t feel like using surfactants, grass, alcohol at all, for 1 month I’m completely clean.
It’s better with the regime, with food too (I don’t want cola and all sorts of filth, I eat simple food that I cook myself, mostly without meat).
I feel like depression is receding.
I understood for sure that fresh mushrooms do not suit me, there is no that concentration, and from the morning intake of energy, sleep is also not so strong, there is a slight apathy and aggression, but less every day.
We already have some 🍄, I’m going to collect my own, it’s very interesting to mdm with my own and I want to make a tincture.
Thanks to all!

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:09]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:15]
Thomas Chat
37 years old, 190cm, 84kg. Today is the 27th day of microdoses, I keep a journal, I plan to microdoze until the end of the shift, 1.5-2 months (I work in construction) then a break (while at home with my family) and again MDM while I work.
The goal of microdosing is to get rid of the accompanying depression, as I understand right now, all my life. Well, to improve physical health (the consequences of depression, like a compressed cervical-shoulder region to displacement of the vertebrae, stoop, pain in the neck, back in the feet, from muscle imbalance, etc.),
And defeat insomnia. I’m still choosing the dosage, I started with dry ones from 0.5g per day and up to 2g, but for convenience I now brew 0.7-1g in a thermos with Ivan tea, and during the day I adjust the dosage. I plan to further reduce the dosage, as I feel irritability, aggression, a desire to enter into conflict. I got energy, my physical well-being improved, it so “coincidentally” that I began to play sports stably 3 times a week, self-confidence and sometimes excessive appeared. at night, but slowly the sleep seems to be improving, literally the last few days have been having dreams ranging from an incredible love affair to today's dream where I just died and got stuck among the worlds) although usually some kind of disturbing nonsense instead of dreams. I don’t want alcohol at all, although I tried it out of boredom drink beer but it doesn’t go .. I hope the fly agaric will save me from the difficult conditions in which I arrive .. as changes are made, I will add my review

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:15]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:18]
Chat Thomas Thank you, everything is fine, no nausea, so freshly dried fungus suits me. From the first appointment, I felt calm, then I “caught” myself as if my eyesight had improved, as if a person with poor eyesight put on glasses, although I don’t complain about my eyesight, there were pleasant tingling on my head for about 10 minutes, I didn’t even scratch it, so that it doesn’t pass, the night slept perfectly, I had pleasant dreams. The first reception turned out to be quite impressive.

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:18]

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:30]
Personal Mache
Grandmother 83 years old, neighbor.
Height 156
Weight54 kg.
Fell. Fracture of the femur with displacement.
She was in the hospital on the hood for two months, then they put artez on her broken hip.
We began to learn to walk, gradually slowly.
Three months have passed since the fall to this day.
I took painkillers only four times at the very beginning.
Further, the alcohol setting removed the pain.
I made the tincture on fresh fly agaric (collection 2019)
I sprayed alcohol fly agaric tincture once a day on the site of the break.
In the first weeks, a bedsore formed and quickly passed
Zelenka and xeroform helped.
When the wound was tightened with a crust, she sprinkled with alcohol fly agaric tincture.
Doctors treated according to their protocol.
At this stage of recovery, the grandmother walks around the apartment on a walker without anyone's help.
The next stage: to be independent in everyday life.

Baba Masha, [02.10.2021 18:30]
Amanita vegan chocolate. 100g - 24 tiles of 0.4g fly agaric
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