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Fly agaric capsules - INSTRUCTIONS for microdosing

Red fly agaric
in capsulesх

The practical application
of microscopic dosages
of fly agaric capsules gives
a clear understanding
of its positive effect on the body.
В Red fly agaric capsules are available for 60 and 120 capsules in convenient jars.
SEASON 2022!
Красный мухомор в капсулах, 60 шт
Капсулы красного мухомора в капсулах для микродозинга по 0. 5 гр в удобной баночке с открывающейся крышкой. Купить капсулы мухомора
Мухомор красный в капсулах, 120 шт
Микродозинг красного мухомора в капсулах 0.5 грамм в баночке. Купить мухоморный микродозинг.
The instructions provided to you are based on my personal experience and the experience of microdosing dried red fly agarics with a large number of users.
  • The instruction provided to you is based on my personal experience and the experience of using dried red fly agaric caps by a large number of users. Personally, I have been microdosing fly agaric since 2019. So, based on my personal experience, I can say that microdosing works great with a period of use from 3 weeks to a month and a half, with breaks from two months to six months.

The main thing that I noted for myself during such use is the complete absence of dependence on mushrooms. I hear the same from different people who took long courses of 2+ months.
By the way, the time when you should stop taking and pause is prompted by the body itself. He simply begins to give signals that a break is needed.

It has also been observed that the first three to four days, there are signs of nausea. I attribute it to fungi. This is especially noticeable in older people.
The first three to five days may be more vivid sensations than subsequent doses, this does not mean that the mushroom has stopped working :)
It's just that the primary addiction to sensations is already underway, and then a smooth and deep process of changes is already underway.
As for the features of the reception, I want to share with you some recommendations.
Be sure to remember your feelings at the very beginning of taking the capsules. The main thing is not to expect instant results, and the effects of taking fly agarics should be analyzed only after two weeks.

This is one of the most common mistakes made by novice users. After drinking fly agaric capsules for a day or two, they begin to write reviews like the fact that taking one gram of mushroom a day does not bring them absolutely any new sensations and emotions. Guys, the main task of microdosing fly agarics is precisely the complete absence of direct signs of a change in consciousness.

I agree, you can feel a surge of vital energy, greater than normal awareness. However, some, on the contrary, have increased fatigue and drowsiness. But, in any case, both of these states should not be expressed too strongly. Otherwise, it can already be called a trippy state, which can be caused by dosages of the mushroom in two or more grams.

In case you took half a gram in microdosing today, the next day - a gram, and then suddenly there is no effect again, you take it and abruptly switch to taking two grams of fly agaric. By the way, there are also such daredevils who on the third or fourth day take 3-5 grams of fly agaric. Microdosing can no longer be called microdosing.
Here we come to the most important part of our recommendations. How to microdose the red fly agaric correctly so that its use is health-improving - therapeutic, educational. The red fly agaric is an incredibly wise and powerful mushroom and should be used for good!
Recommended dosages for taking red fly agaric capsules

Dosage of red fly agaric
In most cases, the used daily dose of red fly agaric is one gram. You can use it in different ways:
1 gram - two capsules at once in the morning;
· 0.5 grams (1 capsule) in the morning and 0.5 gr. (second capsule) in the evening daily;
1 gram in the evening (two capsules) at bedtime.

Personally, I don't see any difference between the first two uses. There is also no difference between taking fly agarics before meals or after meals. Although, as for me, I prefer not to mix the mushroom with food and consume it separately.
As for the evening reception of fly agaric, there may be two options. In the first case, a sound sleep will await you. Many use fly agaric as a natural sleeping pill. The second group of users speaks of a certain state of anxiety, shallow, superficial sleep. As for me, after taking half a gram of the mushroom, I sleep soundly, and the dosage per gram tones the body and the dream turns out to be superficial.

Starting microdosing fly agaric capsules, it is better not to take breaks. We are talking about options, like one day I use it, the other I don’t. Such a technique will not lead to the expected effect. It is best to observe the regularity of intake and consume the mushroom daily, preferably at the same time. But you can try your way

How long to continue taking fly agarics
It is difficult to say from the outside how long it is best to use fly agaric capsules. In this matter, the most important thing is your personal feelings. Some successfully receive admission for three to four months without interruption. But, on average, the optimal time frame for admission is considered to be from one to two months.
As for me, the minimum period for taking fly agarics should be at least two weeks. Otherwise, you simply will not have time to feel the effect of this wise mushroom. guided, again, by personal experience, the optimal intake can be considered 30, 50, 25, 30 days of admission with breaks between them. But, I repeat - first of all, you need to listen to your own feelings and stop using after the signals of the body.

And finally:
We do not claim that the mushroom will definitely help everyone from everything. But the results that we already see on a really large number of people give an understanding of the good results of taking in all plans - physical and spiritual.
For the benefit of!

Benefits of red fly agaric capsules:
Therefore, the following can be summarized:

  • ready to use;
  • clear dosage;
  • convenient to microdose;
  • no need to grind, and weigh the fly agaric each time.

Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
5 packaging options.
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Microdoses of fly agaric
from Baba Masha
A little about the composition of mushrooms in addition to acids
It is worth noting that their red fly agaric contains simply the same in a surprisingly large amount:
  • protein compounds;
  • peptides - ergothioneine and glutathione;
  • phenol compounds - lignans, oxidized polyphenols, phenol acids, tannins, flavonoids and stilbenes;
  • vitamins and their derivatives - ascorbic acid, a group of tocopherols, carotenoids, ergosterol;
  • mineral group - selenium and zinc.
The use of microdosing of red fly agaric is justified from the point of view of official medicine. For example, the ability to act as antioxidants and bind free radicals has been confirmed in laboratory studies.

Pluses of fly agaric in capsules
Of course, for medicinal purposes, you can also use dried red mushroom caps by preparing them according to a specific recipe in compliance with the proportions indicated in the recipes. But, in order to avoid errors in measurements, or simply in order not to waste too much time, it is much easier to use ready-made proportions of mushrooms that are prepared in advance, dosed and enclosed in special capsules.

Reception and dosage of fly agaric red in capsules

Gelatin or vegetarian capsules are taken whole, without chewing, and washed down with liquid. At the same time, it is not necessary that its number be large. This is very convenient, since you absolutely do not feel the taste of the dried product itself, which, of course, not everyone will like.
Given the fact that the gelatin shell reliably protects dried fly agarics from contact with oxygen (air), they can be stored for a long time. That is, in order to save money, you can purchase a package containing 100 capsules at once.
  • The dosage itself directly depends on such an indicator as the time of day. For example, if you increase the dose at night, then instead of a relaxing effect, microdosing of fly agaric in capsules, on the contrary, will act as a tonic. For me personally, a dosage of 0.5 grams gives deep sleep, and already 1 gram gives superficial sleep
Features of treatment with microdosing fly agaric

The main thing in the treatment with fly agaric microdosing, however, as in any other treatment, is that the drug should be taken regularly, without interruption. And here, again, microdosing of fly agaric in capsules is at its best. The capsule can be easily taken at work and at home, at a party and even at a picnic. Thus, a systematic approach to recovery will not be interrupted under any circumstances.

It is also worth noting that the capsules contain exclusively dried, carefully crushed and dosed fly agaric caps.
Hi, let's get acquainted
- I'm Ed!
This site belongs to me, I am the one who sells red fly agaric microdosing. I know exactly how useful these mushrooms are, so I am very happy that I am a direct participant in this process.
In Ukraine, the red fly agaric is a legal mushroom, so it can be consumed safely without fear of trouble. As for the quality of our fly agarics, I carefully monitor this personally. I do not collect mushrooms myself, my duties include only organizing it. But, the collection itself, as well as the subsequent drying, I control
myself. Some sand may remain on the caps of our fly agarics. It is very minimal, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely get rid of sand today ...
I moved to the Verkhovyna region of the Carpathians from Odessa. But, in order for the parcels to be quickly delivered to other cities in Odessa, my reliable assistant is engaged in shipments. From Verkhovyna, it takes about 3 days
to deliver fly agarics to customers.
We transfer the dried mushrooms into ZIP bags, while removing all the air from the bags as much as possible. Previously, we tried to use a vacuum cleaner, but refused this option due to the fact that the appearance of the mushrooms packed in this way was, to put it mildly, unpresentable.
We have already practiced the delivery of our fly agarics abroad. With the exception of Moldova, all deliveries were successful.
Let's start our cooperation and you will be satisfied with it!
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Physiological and psychotherapeutic indications

The healing and beneficial properties of the capsules of the red fly agaric proved to be excellent both in physiology and in psychotherapy. Physiological problems and pathologies that fly agaric microdosing helps to cope with include:
  • optimization of the work of all organs and systems of the body;
  • relieving pain in the joints and muscles - even in chronic cases;
  • improvement of brain activity and working capacity;
  • ensuring healthy sleep;
  • adaptogenic properties;
  • struggle with the syndrome of constant fatigue;
  • protection against bacterial and viral infections;
  • reduction of allergic reactions;
  • natural doping with increased physical exertion;
  • elimination of toxins and optimization of the gastrointestinal tract.
In addition, scientists note that taking microdosing of red dried fly agaric works great in order to increase sexual activity. Moreover, the results are equally good for both men and women.
As for the use for the purpose of psychotherapeutic effects, here the red fly agaric in mycodosing in capsules will help:
  • get rid of depression, given the seasonal;
  • get rid of the borderline states of the psyche;
  • get rid of the "dialogue with oneself";
  • increase the level of self-confidence;
  • provide creative thinking to solve old and new problems;
  • get rid of bad habits - smoking and alcohol.
In addition, fly agaric in microdosing capsules will help to gently reduce and then stop the use of psychotropic drugs.

Are there any contraindications?
Despite the obvious and scientifically substantiated positive medicinal qualities of fly agaric, in some cases it is still not recommended to take it. Or, if the desire to try the miraculous remedies of the red fly agaric for yourself is very great, be sure to consult your doctor before starting treatment. Doctors can prohibit the intake of red fly agaric in the following cases:
  • dysfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the central nervous system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas and urinary tract;
  • pregnancy.
  • It is also not recommended to take preparations of dried red fly agaric for persons under 18 years of age.

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