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Harvest July 2022 with drying
in a drying chamber at a temperature
of 45-50 degrees.

Worldwide shipping
Каждую неделю в телеграмм канале мы определяем трех участников, которым дарим по 50 гр шляпок красного мухомора :)

Это наша благодарность всем, кто заказывает у нас мудрого помощника!
Storage and sending
in ZIP packages

We offer our clients the best ground mushrooms (powder)

Which have been carefully processed and dried.
Here you can buy ground red fly agaric Amanita Muscaria collected in July 2022 in the Carpathians (Putilsky district).

Packing in zip bags of 50 gr.
2nd grade, broken hats!

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Medicinal microdosing uses
Sending throughout Ukraine by cash on delivery, as well as to any country in the world (now there is experience in sending to France, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, USA, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland Vietnam, the Netherlands, Israel, Czech Republic, Greece and Russia)
See photos of international parcels HERE

Tips for use and useful information: HERE

Every week in the telegram channel we determine three participants who are given 50 g of red fly agaric hats :)
This is our gratitude to everyone who orders a wise assistant from us!

Options Packaging

Ground caps of red fly agaric (powder) without impurities. Broken hats are used for grinding, the same quality as whole mushrooms.

Buy red dried fly agaric Amanita muscaria worldwide.

Red fly agaric
Amanita Muscaria.
5 packaging options.
Availability and photos
are up-to-date.

Новая опция - набор новичка. Для тех кто не знает что лучше выбрать

For all questions, please write to telegram.
Call as needed, thank you for your understanding :)

Lion’s Mane
Fly agaric
All mushrooms
Все грибы
Fly agaric red and panther

Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane)

Cordyceps militaris

Antiparasitic triplets

Birch chaga
Trutovik real

Amanita oils on coconut and cocoa butter

Hi, let's get acquainted
- I'm Ed!
This site belongs to me, I am the one who sells red fly agaric microdosing. I know exactly how useful these mushrooms are, so I am very happy that I am a direct participant in this process.
In Ukraine, the red fly agaric is a legal mushroom, so it can be consumed safely without fear of trouble. As for the quality of our fly agarics, I carefully monitor this personally. I do not collect mushrooms myself, my duties include only organizing it. But, the collection itself, as well as the subsequent drying, I control
myself. Some sand may remain on the caps of our fly agarics. It is very minimal, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely get rid of sand today ...
I moved to the Verkhovyna region of the Carpathians from Odessa. But, in order for the parcels to be quickly delivered to other cities in Odessa, my reliable assistant is engaged in shipments. From Verkhovyna, it takes about 3 days
to deliver fly agarics to customers.
We transfer the dried mushrooms into ZIP bags, while removing all the air from the bags as much as possible. Previously, we tried to use a vacuum cleaner, but refused this option due to the fact that the appearance of the mushrooms packed in this way was, to put it mildly, unpresentable.
We have already practiced the delivery of our fly agarics abroad. With the exception of Moldova, all deliveries were successful.
Let's start our cooperation and you will be satisfied with it!
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Feedback from our customers

44 years old, weight 57-60 kg.

I started microdosing after leaving a month and a half of binge after 2-3 days.
Goals: get rid of tobacco and alcohol addiction and cure the fungus on the leg.
As a result, I don’t drink for a month, somewhere I read that there could be a fatal outcome if combined with fly agarics. But there is a fact that it does not pull to plump as before.
On the contrary, smoking has become more greedy, as happens against the background of opiates.
The fungus does not give up yet, but I did not hope so quickly ...
Bonus: Fly agaric saved me from increased fatigue and chronic fatigue that lasted for many years. It's like I'm back 10-15 years ago. I began to get up early without an alarm clock, this was only in the army, I'm amazed! I do not feel the former contempt for the beginning of the day!
The "battery in the ass" that was lost many years ago was restored, it was activated only occasionally when I was working on my car, now it's easier for me to work.

Food preferences have not changed, but I noticed that I can afford more spicy food without negative consequences for the gastrointestinal tract.
In the first four days, the MKD ate a quarter from a medium-sized hat that a friend gave me, three hours after the reception, a vile parish visited me, very similar to the state of helplessness, fear and panic, which was accompanied by dry wood, this soon passed after half a liter of water drunk (I had similar attacks at the end of a binge, when I went to work with a hangover at the beginning of the day, and even before the binge there were a couple of times when I was very nervous), and then just a state of cheerfulness and at the same time calmness or something.

When the hat ran out, it swelled a little, 200-300 grams, and everything was OK, but the next day I felt like I had drunk a bottle.
A few days later I started MKD ground at 2.5 grams, but since the attacks were repeated, I tried to brew the powder and the attacks stopped. For several days I brewed about 1 gram, in different ways, and decided that the best effect is when you pour hot water of 80-90 degrees with lemon juice for half an hour and drink without filtering.
After brewing, I decided to try dry powder 0.6 grams, and again I got a vile arrival.

Since the brewed one is softer and more measured and not quite suitable for my work, I decided to stay dry, just go down to 0.3 grams, after a few days of taking 0.3 I tried 0.6 and nothing bothers me anymore, everything went away, feeling good all day. Amanita slowly adjusts and heals.
I made conclusions for myself on the MKD, but I’ll experiment a little more in the process ????
All good and health!
Baba Masha respect and respect!
— From personal woman Masha
If you have any questions, please write in telegram :)
+38 096 988 988 6
FOP Yasaveev E.F.
ИНН 3147802955

Monday - Sunday
from 10.00-18.00 (without days off)

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